Muskrat River

Muskrat River

The Muskrat River is a river in Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada which flows from Edmunds Lake, near Garden of Eden and continues through Blanchards Lake, Smiths Lake, Lake Galilee, Dump Lake, Eadys Lake, and Pumphouse Lake, all minor members of the Champlain Trail Lakes, before entring Jeffrys Lake; The largest of the Champlain Trail Lakes. The River then meanders through the coutryside, plunging over a picturesque waterfall visible from Highway 17 south of Cobden, before entering Muskrat Lake. The river continues north again near Meath Hill and flows on to Pembroke then it empties into the Ottawa River. The river once provided hydroelectric power for the city.

In the fall, thousands of swallows gather at the mouth of this river before continuing their migration south.

Tributaries include the:

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