Musikili Primary School

Musikili Primary School

Musikili Primary School , is a private boarding school in Mazabuka, in the Southern Province of Zambia offering day and boarding education for Grade 1 to 7 pupils, age 5 to 13 years.

How it all started

Due to the tightening up of foreign exchange and non-availability of remittance for school fees in the late '80s, the Mazabuka Community held a meeting at the Mazabuka Club to try and find an answer to educating our children. The seed was planted and this grew into Musikili Primary School.

Mr and Mrs Garner, who came to Zambia in 1951, owned a sugar cane farm on the outskirts of Mazabuka. They offered ten acres of their farm for the school to be built on. Denis Garner chaired the building committee and was most definitely the backbone of the whole project. As quickly as the buildings went up so the bank balance went down, and it was here that Diana Garner got her fund raising committee to work to raise funds to build the school. It is in honour of the Garners' immense hard work and loyalty that the Boys and Girls wings of the School have been named after them.

Donations and offers of help came in from all over the country and many other communities got together to raise funds. The largest support came from the Mazabuka Community, who didn't know what hit them and were unable to rest without someone asking them to either contribute or do something for the school. From jumble to cattle sales, sponsored walks to fetes, funds were raised and so the dream of a school became a reality.

The first brick was laid on July 1st, 1986, and the school opened on January 19th, 1987.

Now, 20 years later, the School has developed to the stage where it has a full complement of classrooms, a computer room, a library, an administration block and a hostel capable of accommodating 150 children. The fully grassed and irrigated playing field is utilised for cricket, athletics, hockey, rugby and football. There is also a swimming pool and tennis courts as well as a sports pavilion which is used for many activities and functions. The staff is accommodated in a purpose built housing complex within the school grounds.

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