Musicoola is a company that provides customized music channels for digital cable, satellite and IPTV platforms. This digital music broadcasting service is based in Israel, and is slowly branching out to the European market, while competing with other companies such as Music Choice Europe and Muzak Holdings. The Musicoola service gives a full turnkey solution to both the technological and musical aspects of digital audio broadcasting, since the company provides its customers with a stand alone interactive application for various music channels, along with the music itself. Musicoola has an unlimited variety of music channels to choose from. It is not attached to any cable or satellite company, and therefore it is capable of adjusting itself to any kind of broadcasting platform, and works as a white label. Musicoola works under a license of Ofcom.

The Musicoola channels are also available with complementary services such as ringtones, special activities and interactive games and quizzes.

Technology & Data

Musicoola works on a self-developed digital broadcasting system which is based on MCCaster and is transmitting ASI over DVB or IP casting system.


The application can put down a full display of the next characteristics:

Song's title

The title's artist(s)

The title's Album name and year of production

The title's record label

A title's comment

A title's cover image

The title's length in seconds

The title's current playing position


The channels are usually customized separately for every territory and audience. Musicoola works with local music programmers in different countries all around the world in order to fully customize music to a local clientele.

Channels on Musicoola

Hits: Total Hits, Pop, UK Hits, US Hits, Club Hits, Indie Hits, Urban Hits.

Electronic: Trance, House, DJSet, Alternative Dance, Chillout, Dance, Jungle & Drum n Base, Electronic Classics, Break Beat.

World Music: World Music, Russian, Latin, Chansons, Greek, Turkish, Arab, Afro Beat, Italian.

Rock: Just Rock, Classic rock, Country, Indie Classics, Alternative rock, Metal, Punk, Prog Rock, Industrial Rock.

Retro: 90's Hits, 80's Hits, 70's Hits, 60's Hits, 50's Rock and roll, Dark 80's, 30's-40's Classics.

Urban: Hip hop & RnB, Soul, Reggae, Disco and Funk, Neo Soul, Grime, Underground Rap, World Hip Hop.

Moods: Lounge, Love Songs, Girls Party, Easy Listening, Unplugged, Toddlers, Soundtracks, Sad Songs.

Jazz & Blues: Jazz Classics, Cool Jazz, Blues Oldies, Blues, Latin Jazz, Swing, Bebop, Avant-Garde Jazz.

Classical: Romantic Classics, Baroque, Opera, Renaissance, Chamber, Contemporary, Piano, Symphonies, Concert Hall.

History & Clients

The Musicoola client base was formed initially in its homeland, Israel. The company's shareholders were once executives in the Israeli music channels, Music 24, and founders of MOOMA, the leading Israeli music web site. In 2004 they founded Bit (content company), a sister company for Musicoola. The service was launched on July 1st 2006, when Musicoola took on the HOT music service in Israeli telecommunication and cable company, HOT, from the former supplier, the European Music Choice Europe. On January 2007, the Israeli satellite company, yes, also changed its musical content supplier from Music Choice to the Musicoola service. On December 2007, Musicoola took over a music channels service of a new comer in the satellite TV market in Romania, boom TV. In the boom music service, 3 out of 20 channels are localized. On September 2008 the Musicoola service was launched on the HD platform of UPC Hungary, with 30 channels, of which 3 are localized. New business opportunities are now opening for Musicoola in the east European and Asian markets.

The current Musicoola services are:

UPC Hungary - 30 channels. Digital cable provider on DVB platform.

boom music – 20 channels. Satellite provider for Digital Video Broadcasting platform.

HOT music – 44 channels. Cable provider on DVB platform. Provides digital video broadcasting, VOD, Internet and telephony.

Music Select – 30 channels. Satellite provider on Digital Video Broadcasting platform.

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