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List of Saint Seiya characters

This article concerns the characters that play a role in Saint Seiya (also known as Knights of the Zodiac), a manga series about a group of five mystical warriors, authored by Japanese mangaka Masami Kurumada, and later turned into anime.

Goddess Athena

  • Saori Kido
or also see

Athena's Saints of the 88 Constellations

Bronze Saints

  • Pegasus Seiya

  • Dragon Shiryu

  • Cygnus Hyoga

  • Andromeda Shun

  • Phoenix Ikki

  • Other Bronze Saints

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  • Unicorn Jabu

  • Hydra Ichi

  • Wolf Nachi

  • Lionet Ban

  • Bear Geki

  • Chameleon June

Black Saints (Ankoku Saints in the anime)

  • Black Pegasus (Black Saint of Pegasus)

Age: 15
Birthdate: July 13
Birthplace: Israel
Training place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: , also known as . Known in the anime as

His Black Ryuseiken (meteor punch) causes poison and burning black marks that spread all over Seiya's body. Seiya was later saved by Shiryu, who drew out the black blood from the 13 Pegasus star points on his body.

  • Black Dragon (Black Saint of Dragon)

Age: 15
Birthdate: August 10
Birthplace: Poland
Training place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: attack using one finger, or having his brother attack from the shadows

The strongest of the 4 black saints. Before Black Dragon's death and defeat by Shiryu, he was finally convinced to believe in the "Friendship" that Shiryu kept telling him about. Black Dragon stopped Shiryu's bleeding before dying.

  • Black Dragon (the hidden one, appeared in the manga only)

Age: 15
Birthday: August 8
Birthplace: Poland
Training place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: Ability to hide in the darkness, shadow to Black Dragon, and combined attacks with Black Dragon.

The blinded elder twin brother of Black Dragon. Shun's nebula chain noticed the hidden Black Dragon, and Shun warned Shiryu to watch out for the one in hiding. Shiryu finally realized the existence of the hidden Black Dragon and defeated him with one hit.

  • Black Cygnus (Black Saint of Cygnus)

Age: 15
Birthdate: December 28
Birthplace: Finland
Training location: Death Queen Island

In the manga, Black Cygnus ripped out one of his eyeballs and sent it to Ikki to show him Hyoga's technique in the reflection of his eyeball just before he died. In the anime, Black Cygnus broke off the swan head on his helmet instead.

  • Black Andromeda (Black Saint of Andromeda)

Age: 14
Birthdate: October 4
Birthplace: Turkey
Training place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: also known in the anime as

His Black Fang Nebula can turn into piles of snakes and choke his enemy. However the attack is no match for the real Nebula Chain of Andromeda Shun. Black Andromeda was defeated when Shun was provoked from Seiya's self-sacrifice of cutting the Nebula Chain and falling deeper into the pit.

  • Black Phoenix (Black Saint of Phoenix)

Age: 15
Training Place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: Black wings of the Phoenix
Shadow warriors of Ikki

  • Jango (General of the Black Saint after Ikki's redemption)

Age: 18
Birthdate: August 8
Birthplace: Samoa
Training location: Death Queen Island
Techniques: Death Queen Inferno

The leader of the Black Saints before Ikki kills him with the Phoenix Gemma Ken.

  • Guilty (Ikki's Master on Death Queen Island)

Age: Unknown

Ikki's master's identity is unknown because he always wears a mask. He teaches Ikki to draw power from hatred and provokes Ikki into hate. He killed Esmeralda and, just before he died, he revealed to Ikki that Mitsumasa Kido fathered 100 orphan children and that Ikki is one of them, to provoke Ikki to a mission of hate and kill all that is related to Mitsumasa Kido (manga only).

Silver Saints

The Saints wearing the second most powerful Cloths are the Silver Saints, the Specialists in Battle. When they receive an assignment from the Sanctuary, they go to any part of the world to fulfill it whatever the cost, using all their power. They represent the true concept of a Saint of Athena; those are the Silver Saints.

Another mission given by the Sanctuary to the Silver Saints is to take care of the Cloths that do not have owners. It is not rare to see Silver Saints training potential candidates to one of these Cloths. To find a successor worthy of its Cloth is part of the work of these Saints. As many Saints and Cloths were lost in the last Holy War, to train new Saints and to increase the power to fight are important tasks to be fulfilled before the next Holy War.

In total there exist 24 Silver Saints, but only sixteen were active in the story of Saint Seiya. The Silver Cloths, the principle of a Silver Saint, freeze at a temperature of -200°C. Currently there have only been 18 Silver Cloths confirmed, but the Silver Cloths of Orion, Shield and Southern Cross may soon fall in the line. The 17th & 18th Silver Cloths were revealed in the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia; they represent the constellations of Crater and Ara. Recently, since the start of Saint Seiya Next Dimension, a Saint who was active in the previous Holy war with Hades was revealed as Crateris Suikyo.

  • Herakles Algethi

  • Perseus Algol

  • Hound Asterion

  • Centaurus Babel

  • Auriga Capella

  • Cepheus Daidalos

(ケフェウス星座のダイダロス, Kefeusu-seiza no Daidarosu?) is the mentor of Andromeda Shun and Chameleon June, and trained them on "Andromeda Island". He was assassinated by Pisces Aphrodite when Daidolos sided with his student's belief that the Sanctuary was evil. According to the official Saint Seiya Encyclopedia, Daidolos knows a varied range of fighting techniques.
His Silver Cloth represents the Cepheus constellation. In the anime, he was replaced by Cepheus Albiore (ケフェウス星座のアルビオレ, Kefeusu-seiza no Arubiore?), a character with a different appearance.

The Cepheus Saint is named after the Greek inventor Daidalos

  • Kerberos Dante

  • Musca Dio

  • Crow Jamian

  • Eagle Marin

  • Lizard Misty

  • Whale Mozes

  • Lyra Orphée

  • Ophiuchus Shaina

  • Canis Major Sirius

  • Sagitta Ptolemy

  • Dead Silver Saints

As seen on the tombstones in the Hades chapter of the manga and the anime, there are quite a few Silver Saints that are already dead. Masami Kurumada has identified them as the following:

Serge, Ludwig, Gilles, Helga, Jose, Algernon, Tess, Siroe, Edomon, Gavin, Juan, Baraba, Ivan, Kain, Isac, Tony, Cima, Timothy, Himrar, Migel, Nobo, Salomo, Van, Zola and Kim.

Gold Saints

  • Aries Sion

  • Aries Mu

  • Taurus Aldebaran

  • Gemini Saga

  • Gemini Kanon

  • Cancer DeathMask

  • Leo Aiolia

  • Virgo Shaka

  • Libra Dohko

  • Scorpion Milo

  • Sagittarius Aiolos

  • Capricorn Shura

  • Aquarius Camus

  • Pisces Aphrodite

Poseidon's Mariners

  • Julian Solo - Poseidon

Also see Poseidon in Greek Mythology.

  • Thetis (Mariner of Mermaid)

Mariner Generals of the 7 Seas

  • Sea Horse Baian

  • Scylla Io

  • Chrysaor Krishna

  • Lyumnades Kaza

  • Kraken Isaac

  • Siren Sorento

  • Sea Dragon Kanon

Hades' Specters

Hades, King of the Underworld

  • Hades (god of the Underworld)

Also see Hades in Greek mythology.

Hades' Heralds

Age: 16
Birthday: September 3
Birth Place: Germany
Seiyuu: Maaya Sakamoto

Hades' sister in this lifetime. At a young age, she opened the box that was sealed by Athena and released Hypnos and Thanatos. She was told that Hades will become her brother and she must protect him until the final battle begins. If she would, they would grant her eternal life. She commands the first wave of Spectres to attack the Sanctuary in the name of Hades in the final chapter. She was given a necklace that allows her to travel through different realms and has a complex relationship with Ikki due to their past regarding Shun. Being Hades' sister, she was his slave and was unable to see fully in color but, after seeing Ikki's Iron will, she regained her sense of color. Because she gave Ikki the necklace, she was killed by Thanatos.

Also see Pandora in Greek mythology.

  • Hypnos

Also see Hypnos in Greek mythology.

  • Thanatos

Twin brother of Hypnos, he has silver hair and eyes. Thanatos is arrogant and impulsive, which led to his demise against Seiya in Elysion.

Also see Thanatos in Greek mythology.

The 108 Specters

36 Celestial Stars and 72 Terrestrial Stars makes up the 108 stars in total

36 Celestial Stars

Not all celestial stars are presented in the series.
Note: Due to their names, they are nicknamed by fans as "Hades's Three Judges", but the only real Judge known is Minos.

  • Wyvern Rhadamanthys

  • Griffin Minos

  • Garuda Aiacos

  • Acheron Charon

  • Minotaur Gordon

  • Troll Iwan

  • Balron Lune

  • Sphinx Pharaoh

  • Lycaon Phlegyas

  • Alraune Queen

  • Golem Rock

  • Deadly Beetle Stand

  • Basilisk Sylphid

  • Harpy Valentine

72 Terrestrial Stars

Not all terrestrial stars are presented in the series.

  • Cyclops Gigant

  • Dullahan Kube

  • Elf Mils

  • Papillon Myu

  • Deep Niobe

  • Gorgon Ox

  • Worm Raimi

  • Frog Zelos

Other Specter

  • Markino (Skeleton, foot soldier)

Age: 19
Birthday: April 25
Birth Place: Malaysia
Technique: Big Fart, Little Belch

Killed by Lune (Spectre of Balron, Celestial Courage Star 天英星) for making loud noises in the courtroom.


  • Most of the 108 spectres are not actually named or characterized in any way in the Saint Seiya series.
  • The Chinese classic "Outlaws of the Marsh" or "Water Margin" talks about 108 warriors exiled into the marshland due to the corruption of the government during the Song dynasty (12th century), and their battles. All of the 108 warriors have their own nicknames, which are the same as the Spectres' Star names. The 36 Heavenly Spirits and 72 Earthly Fiends make up the 108 warriors.
  • In Greek myth, Rhadamanthys, Minos and Aiacos were the Judges of the Underworld, and all three have surplices based on a winged creature.
  • Niobe was a proud queen with seven sons and daughters who boasted she was better than Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis. She was punished by having all her children shot down by Leto's children until she had one each. Because she would not stop crying, Zeus turned her to stone and placed her on a high mountain where, when snow melts, it runs down her face as though she is still crying.
  • Charon was a ferryman who transported people across the river Acheron in hell (for a price), similar to the spectre Charon.
  • Pharaoh is the title given to the kings of ancient Egypt, and many aspects of Sphinx Pharaoh's design were based on Egyptian mythology.
  • Sion (Aries), DeathMask (Cancer), Aphrodite (Pisces), Shura (Capricornus), Camus (Aquarius) and Saga (Gemini) were revived together with a Hades version of their Gold Cloths called Surplices, made of the same material as that of the Specters.

Other notable canonical characters

  • Blue Warriors

An order of powerful warriors from the ice lands of Sinigrad, who also draw their strength from their Cosmo. Their order was formed centuries ago by mighty warriors who, in the same way as Athena's Saints, were capable of rending the skies with their fists, and splitting the earth with their kicks, and they protected their homeland of Sinigrad against any menaces. They were presented by Kurumada in vol.13 of his manga, in the short story arc he dedicated to Hyouga, Koori no Kuni no Natassia Hen (The Chapter of Natassia, from the Lands of Ice).

  • Aleksey

Age: 19
Birthday: June 27
Birth Place: Blue Grad near the North Pole circle
Armor: Blue Warrior cloth
Technique: Blue Impulse

He is the elder son of the ruler of Blue Grad, but also the leader of the Blue Warriors (written with the kanji 氷戦士, meaning Ice Warriors), and also the elder brother of a girl named Natassia. After capturing Hyoga as a potential ally, he kills his father to initiate his plans for taking over a warmer country. However, his plans are disturbed when Hyoga escapes and fights with him, though the battle is disturbed by the news of Natassia being frozen in ice as she prayed. Hyoga saves Natassia and the story ends with Hyoga walking away, while Aleksey holds Natassia in his arms.

  • Cassios

Age: 15
Birthday: December 14
Blood Type: O
Birth Place: Greece
Training Place: Greece
Seiyuu: Banjo Ginga

Apprentice and saint in training under Ophiuchus Shaina. During the fight for the Pegasus cloth, Seiya cut off one of his ears and he hated Seiya ever since. Cassios has great respect and affection toward Shaina; however, he realizes that Shaina has affection toward Seiya. Motivated by this fact, he takes Seiya's place and dies during the fight with Leo Aiolia in order to wake Aiolia from the control of Saga's Demon's Emperor Fist. In the anime, he was the younger brother of Docrates.

  • Esmeralda

Age: 13
Birthday: August 25
Birth Place: A small local island near the Death Queen Island.
Seiyuu: Chisato Nakajima

She was sold as a work slave to an abusive local farmer for only 3 bags of grain. When Ikki first encountered her, he mistook her for Shun, because she and Shun have the same facial features with differences in hair color and gender only. She was killed by Guilty, the master of Ikki, in order to provoke Ikki to draw power from hatred. In the anime, Esmeralda was Guilty's daughter.

  • Yakov

Age: 7
Birthday: February 4
Birth Place: Russia, East Siberia
Seiyuu: Tomiko Suzuki

A kid who lives in a village near Hyoga's training place, he is a fan of Hyoga and often comes by to check up on Hyoga at his training place.

Age: 8
Birthday: April 1
Birth Place: Tibet, China
Training Place: Tibet (China), Jamir
Techniques: Telekinesis, ability to sense invisible energy forces, and ability to see invisible crack marks on Saint Cloths.

Apprentice under Aries Mu. Like his master and grand master, Kiki also bears the two dots on his forehead and is the youngest of the people of the continent of Mu. He never fights, but can use powerful telekinesis against normal humans. In the Poseidon chapter, he had the duty of bringing the Libra Cloth to all the Bronze Saints.

Age: 13
Birthday: April 15
Birth Place: Japan

Seiya's best friend, she works at the orphanage where Seiya and his sister Seika lived before Seiya was taken away. Apparently, Miho is in love with Seiya to some degree, and in a sense represents the point of view of the normal people who are mere witnesses to the struggle between the Gods.


Foster grandfather of Saori who adopted her and took her to Japan after finding a dying Sagittarius Aiolos in Sanctuary. In the manga, it was revealed that he was actually the birth father of all the orphans he sent around the world to be trained as Saints. In the anime, he merely took the children from various orphanages (sometimes even kidnapping them, as shown in Seiya's case), and sent them for their training. Just before he died, he told Saori everything regarding the encounter with Aiolos in Sanctuary.

  • Natassia (Hyoga's Mother)


She was Hyoga's mother and died when the ship sank into the icy sea while they were on their way to see Mitsumasa Kido, Hyoga's father.

  • Natassia (Aleksey's Sister)

Age: 14
Birthday: March 28
Birth Place: Blue Grad, near the North Pole circle.

Younger sister of Blue Warrior Aleksey, she has the same name as Hyoga's mother. In the manga, Hyoga encountered her during the conflict with the Blue Warriors.

Age: 16
Birthday: March 18
Birth Place: Japan
Seiyu: Yuriko Yamamoto, Satsuki Yukino OVA

Seiya's older sister, whom he has not seen in years. After he was taken away, she wandered the world looking for him. It has long been implied that Marin (Seiya's mentor) could have, in fact, been Seika, and some characters, including Seiya, thought it could be true. Marin and Seika even have the same physical characteristics: same age, same birthdate, same height, same birthplace. Marin even has a brother she lost and was looking for. But Seika appeared as an independent character in the Hades chapter, completely amnesiac, after having followed Seiya all the way to Greece alone. It was Seika's voice that, more than any other, urged Seiya on in his fight against Thanatos.

Age: 13
Birthday: April 20
Birth Place: China
Seiyuu: Yumiko Shibata, Eriko Sato OVA, Ai Bandō Elysion OVA

Shunrei was an abandoned orphan found by Dohko in Rozan (China). She cares deeply for Shiryū, and her prayers for Shiryu's safety in battle helped him through his toughest fights, particularly against Deathmask, and the Specter trio of Sylphid, Gordon and Queen.

Shunrei's name in kanji is (春麗) which is also the same kanji for the name of Chun Li in the Street Fighter series.

Age: 32
Birthday: May 5
Birth Place: Japan
Technique: the moves of a Kendo Third Dan
Seiyu: Yukitoshi Hori

Saori's butler, bodyguard and right-hand man. He was in charge of overseeing the orphans who were to be sent out all over the world to train and become Bronze Saints, and since he was extremely severe and at times downright abusive, most of them are resentful towards him. He always tries to be strong and protect Saori, but even the Sanctuary soldiers can defeat him. (Not without struggle, however, as he offered considerable resistance for an outnumbered man). He starts as a rather daunting and abusive retainer for the future Saints, but later develops as a man who is honor-bound to preotect Saori, and ultimately is the series' comic relief.

  • Watchdog of Hell Kerberos (地獄の番犬 ケルベロス Jigoku no Banken Keruberosu)

The terrible watchdog from Hell. He appears in vol.23 of Kurumada's manga, devouring souls in the second prison of the Underworld. The Specter Sphinx Pharaoh was fond of the creature and took care of him. Kerberos was defeated by Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun, to be able to proceed further into the Underworld.
Non-canon characters
These characters are only present in the anime adaptation, novel, or other sources. As such, their canonicity is questionable.

Saints without constellations (Anime only)

  • Docrates (Cassios' elder brother)

Technique: Hercules Fierce Fist (Herakles Moushuuken: ヘラクレス猛襲拳)
Seiyuu: Masaharu Satou
The first anime-only character to be introduced, he kidnapped Saori but was defeated by Seiya and Shun. Despite not being part of Kurumada's original manga, Docrates is the tallest Saint Seiya character in any continuity.

  • Leda

Techniques: Double Nebula Chain (ダブル・ネビュラチェーン) (combined attack with Spica)
Seiyuu: Kazumi Tanaka
Saint in training under Cepheus Albiore alongside Shun and June. Like Shun and Albiore, his Cloth is equipped with chain weapons.
Also see Leda in Greek mythology.

  • Spica

Techniques: Double Nebula Chain (ダブル・ネビュラチェーン) (combined attack with Leda)
Seiyuu: Masami Kikuchi
Saint in training under Cepheus Albiore alongside Shun and June. Like Shun and Albiore, Spica's Cloth is equipped with chain weapons.
Also see Spica in astrology.

  • Ennetsu Saint

Techniques: Fire Screw
Seiyuu: Ken Yamaguchi
A low-level Saint capable of creating flames ("Ennetsu" means "incendiary"), he was taken off the streets and into Sanctuary by Gigas. He is killed by Phoenix Ikki in episode 22, after having nearly burnt down the Kido Mansion.

  • Crystal Saint

Seiyuu: Michihiro Ikemizu
Cygnus Hyoga's master in the anime adaptation, as opposed to the manga, in which Aquarius Camus was Hyoga's master. In the anime, Camus was Crystal Saint's master. Crystal Saint's Cloth resembles a snowflake when not being worn. A very honorable and righteous Saint, he was considered a threat by Pope Ares, who forced him into the Pope's control with the Genrou Maouken technique. After an emotional battle with Hyoga, Crystal Saint takes his own life to stop Sanctuary from conquering East Siberia.

Caribe Ghost Saint (Anime Only)

The following appeared only in the anime, the Ghost Saints of Caribe. (幽霊聖闘士 )

  • Geist

Technique: , Thunder Claw
Seiyuu: Chiyoko Kawashima

The sister of Shaina, and exiled to the Caribbean Sea for a crime she committed ten years prior. In order to redeem herself, she was ordered to kill the Bronze Saints and return to the Sanctuary with the helmet of the Saggittarius Cloth. However, during her fight with Pegasus Seiya, the helmet came to life and propelled itself into her face, shattering her mask and revealing her face to Seiya, which is a terrible shame for a female Saint.

  • Sea Serpent

Technique: Unknown
Seiyuu: Masato Hirano

One of the three servants of Geist. His Cloth is covered with a slippery substance that allows him to slip through most attacks.

  • Dolphin

Seiyuu: Hideyuki Tanaka

One of three servants of Geist. He's very agile and can attack using leaping acrobatic strikes.

  • Kurage (Jellyfish)

Seiyuu: Kazumi Tanaka

One of the three servants of Geist. His cloth can create tentacles able to produce an electrical current up to one million Volts.

Kurage is the scientific name for Nomura's jellyfish.

The Japanese Wikipedia for the Saint Seiya character list provides a link from "Kuragge" to the mythological creature Kraken, which is often mistaken as the character's name.

Steel Saints (Anime only)

The Steel Saints' armors were created by Dr. Mamori (supported at the beginning by Mitsumasa Kido). Unlike the other Saints, the Steel Saints' powers come from their robotic armors and not from their cosmos. They only appear in the Silver Saint Arc, and before the Bronze Saints travel to the Sanctuary in Greece.

  • Daichi (大地 ) (Steel Saint of Fox)

Seiyuu: Mie Suzuki (鈴木みえ), now known as Teiyū Ichiryūsai
Land Armor or Land Cloth (ランドクロス) also known as (Young)Fox Cloth (仔狐聖衣)
Armor in the shape of a small racecar or skateboard in mainly yellow color.
Capable of generating earthquakes and has a combined attack with Ushio.

Seiyuu: Yoshitada Ōtsuka (大塚 芳忠), now known as Hōchū Ōtsuka
Aquatic Armor or Marine Cloth (マリンクロス) also known as Sword Fish Cloth (旗魚聖衣)
Armor in the shape of a small submarine or water glider in mainly blue color.
Specializes in sound waves and has a combined attack with Daichi.

  • Sho (翔) (Steel Saint of Toucan)

Seiyuu: Shigeru Nakahara (中原 茂) also the seiyuu of Megrez Delta Alberich
Sky Armor or Sky Cloth (スカイクロス) also known as Toucan (bird of giant beak) Cloth (巨嘴鳥聖衣)
Armor in the shape of a small jet plane or air glider in mainly maroon red color.
Has the power of "sky waves", able to absorb an enemy's technique blasts and attacks from the air.

Bronze Saints

She appears in the novel "Gigantomachia", where she is kidnapped by the Gigantes to be used as bait and lure Athena to their den.

Silver Saints

Technique: Tarantula Net
Seiyuu: Ken Yamaguchi
Named after renowned mythical weaver Arachne.
He was supposed to kill Seiya and Kiki after they go searching for a cure for Shiryu's blindness, but Seiya defeats him. His technique can cast a web on his enemy which absorbs his enemy's Cosmo energy to weaken and kill them.

Technique: Renge Bakusai Ken (Lotus Burst Fist)
Seiyuu: Takaya Hashi
Disciple of the Gold Saint Shaka..
He and his partner Shiva were disciples of Virgo Shaka, who sent them to kill Ikki while he was healing himself in a volcano before joining the Bronze Saints in the Sanctuary.

Technique: Senjuu Shingon Ken (Thousand-Handed Shingon Fist)
Seiyuu: Shigeru Nakahara
Named after the Hindu God Shiva. Disciple of the Gold Saint Shaka.
He and his partner Agora were disciples of Virgo Shaka, who sent them to kill Ikki while he was healing himself in a volcano before joining the Bronze Saints in the Sanctuary.

  • Nicole (Saint of Ara)

Birthplace: Greece

In the novel "Gigantomachia", Nicole is considered very clever in Sanctuary. In particular, he has a vast knowledge about astronomy. The Ara Saint is assigned to follow the Pope like a shadow and counterpart, to attract enemies on to himself. In the beginning of Gigantomachia, he is watching a Greek theater production with Andromeda Shun when he is attacked. His hair is brown, and he is also the master of Yuulij of Sextant.

  • Spartan

Seiyuu: Shigeru Chiba
A Saint with great telekinetic powers, created for the anime adaptation. He accompanied Perseus Algol and Ophiuchus Shaina on their way to kill the Bronze Saints, and fled with Shaina's body after her defeat.

Unknown Order Saints

Birthplace: Japan
Training Location: Sicilia
Techniques: Zanshin

In the Saint Seiya novel "Gigantomachia", Seiya and his comrades meets Mei, who was one of the children sent out in to the world to train, though Mei says his Cloth is not of Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Anime-only Support Characters

  • Ouko (王虎 : King Tiger)

Seiyu: Kazuhiko Inoue

Student of Dohko, exiled for breaking the rules and seeking fights with whoever he can find. He returned to challenge Shiryu but was defeated in the end.

  • Gigas

Seiyuu: Masaharu Satou

Pope Ares' original chief of staff. He is a short, aged man with a strange jewel replacing his left eye. He disappears after the death of Ennetsu Saint.

  • Phaeton

Seiyuu: Hirohiko Kakegawa

Originally the assistant to Gigas, but later promoted to chief of staff after his disappearance. Phaeton himself disappears after taking a single punch from Shaina, shortly before Sanctuary is freed from Ares' grip.

  • Elene

Age: 12
Birth Place: Kanon Island
Seiyuu: Masako Miura

In the anime, she was the granddaughter of a local chieftain who was killed by Sanctuary thugs for hiding Ikki. Elene was thrown alive inside of a volcano when she attempted to help Ikki, but she managed to climb her way up the volcano's walls, and her struggle boosts Ikki up enough to kill Agora and Shiva.

Odin's Asgardians (anime only)

  • Polaris Hilda: A beautiful and powerful young woman who is Odin's representative on Earth and the priestess of Asgard, she is possessed by the Nibelung Ring (controlled by Poseidon) after rejecting Poseidon's influence, and sets her sights on world domination in the name of Odin. Her younger sister Freya contacts Saori and asks Saori and the Saints for help.

Saori quickly sets up a strategy: She will take Hilda's place temporarily as the one who prays to avoid the melting of the Polar Ice, while the Bronze Knights fight Hilda's Guardians to reach her. Hilda was finally liberated after fighting Seiya, who awakened the Odin God Robe and the legendary sword Balmung with all the Odin Sapphires, and Hilda returns to her gentle self. It is also revealed that Poseidon locked her spirit away in the Nibelung Ring while he controlled her body, torturing her psychologically since she could only watch her warriors die one by one.

Hilda is apparently named after Brynhildr, the strongest of the Valkyries in Norse mythology and one of the main characters in Richard Wagner's Tetralogy, as well as the hero Siegfried's love interest.

Seiyuu: Mitsuko Horie (堀江 美都子, ほりえ みつこ)

  • Freya: Younger sister of Polaris Hilda. After being the first person aside from Alberich to notice the drastic change in her sister, Freya seeks out help from Saori and her Saints for help. She frees Hyoga from jail (he had been been sent as a scout and then captured) and joins him, and therefore she is branded as a traitor by everyone. She was deeply saddened by the battle, as she did not want to come between Merak Hagen and Cygnus Hyoga; Hyoga was her first friend (and possible love interest) among the Bronze Saints, but Hagen was her bodyguard and best friend since childhood.

She is named after Freya, the goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology.

Seiyuu: Maria Kawamura

Asgard God Warriors

  • Dubhe Alpha Siegfried

Techniques: Odin Sword, Dragon Bravest Blizzard

He is said to be the strongest warrior among the God Warriors and the second in command after Hilda. He is very loyal to Hilda and seems to have a crush on her. In the beginning, he does not believe the Saints when they tell him that Hilda is being controlled by the Nibelung Ring. However, after Poseidon's Sea General Siren Sorrento came out and told the truth, Siegfried switched sides and sacrificed himself to kill Siren Sorrento (although Sorrento was thought to have died, he actually survived and returns to Poseidon). Siegfried's armor resembles the dragon Fafner. He is said to be "invulnerable", just like the Norse legendary hero Siegfried; this fact may be the reason he is considered the strongest God Warrior.

Named after the Norse legendary hero Siegfried, central character in the opera Siegfried.

Seiyuu: Akira Kamiya

  • Merak Beta Hagen

Techniques: Universe Freezing, Great Ardent Pressure

Since he was a child, he lived in Valhalla Palace, training in the cold mountain peaks and volcanic caves in Asgard with the purpose of protecting Hilda and Freya. Jealous of Hyoga's relationship with Freya, Hagen fought against him but was defeated by the freezing blast of the Aurora Execution. His armor resembles Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse owned by Odin.

Named after Hagen, the traitor who killed Siegfried.

Seiyuu: Bin Shimada

  • Phecda Gamma Thor

Techniques: Mjöllnir Hammer, Titanic Hercules

Thor was a poor Asgard villager who stole riches from the wealthy and gave it to the poor, in the style of Robin Hood. At some point, he was severely injured by the Valhalla Palace guardians when he tried to hunt near the Palace. He almost died, but is forgiven and healed by Odin's priestess Polaris Hilda despite his harsh words about her reign. Ever since, he feels her pure and warm Cosmo, and, touched by Hilda's frustration about not being able to help everyone in Asgard despite being Odin's priestess, Thor swore to protect her as her guardian.

Despite noticing that Hilda's Cosmo had changed, he fought against Athena's Saints hoping that she would return to being the kind person she once was. He even threw one of his hand axes at Saori, and when she returned it to him with her Cosmo, he praised her strength. Finally, after being defeated, he asked Seiya to rescue Hilda. His armor resembles Jörmungandr, the sea serpent, who faced the Norse god Thor at the Battle of Ragnarök.

Named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor.

Seiyuu: Yuusaku Yara

  • Megrez Delta Alberich

Techniques: Amethyst Shield, Nature Unity, Honoo no Ken ("Flaming Sword").

Descendant of an important family of warriors and scholars in Asgard, Alberich was famous for his intelligence and cleverness, as well as for his cold heart; his own fellow warriors did not trust him, and Hilda herself lectured him often. He was the only witness of Hilda's possession by Poseidon's Nibelung ring. Taking advantage of the war, he planned to conquer the world. He defeated many of Athena's Saints (including Marin), encasing several of them in life-sucking giant amethysts; however, Shiryu, with the help of his master Dohko, finally defeated Alberich. Alberich was one of the shrewdest, slyest God Warriors, as he could call nature to fight for him and used his intelligence to avoid fighting.

Named after the Norse mythical king Alberich of the dwarves, a sorcerer who guards the treasure of the Nibelung.

Seiyuu: Shigeru Nakahara

  • Alioth Epsilon Fenrir

Techniques: Wolf Cruelty Claw, Northern Gunrou Ken ("Northern Wolves Pack Fist")

Fenrir was a member of one of the most powerful and richest families in Asgard. One day, when he and his family went hunting, they were attacked by a bear. Helped by wolves and abandoned by humans, he started to live with the wolves, adopting their lifestyle and deeply hating humans. Later, he was chosen by Hilda as the Epsilon God Warrior. He died fighting against Shiryu when an avalanche fell over him and his wolves.

Named after the Norse mythical wolf Fenrir, who will swallow Odin during Ragnarok. His armor also resembles the wolf.

Seiyuu: Toshihiko Seki

  • Mizar Zeta Syd

Techniques: Viking Tiger Claw, Blue Impulse

He was the first God Warrior to appear in the Asgard chapter. He was sent to the Sanctuary to 'declare' war against Athena. He defeated Taurus Aldebaran with one blow, though it was later revealed that a hidden force helped him. Then he went to Japan to kill Athena, but was stopped by Seiya and Shun, and he returned to his country to wait for the Saints to come and fight there. He was defeated by Shun's Nebula Storm in Valhalla palace. Before his death, it was revealed that he always knew about his twin brother, Alcor Zeta Bud, and both he and his parents always regretted having to abandon Bud, but were unable to do anything in his favor.

His armor had the appearance of a green saber-toothed tiger, an animal that does not belong to the Norse mythology

Seiyuu: Yuu Mizushima

  • Alcor Zeta Bud

Techniques: Shadow Viking Tiger Claw

Syd and Bud were twins who were born into a very wealthy family in Asgard. Due to local superstitions that twins bring bad luck to the family, Bud's parents were forced to abandon the younger twin, Bud. A poor man raised Bud as his own child, until one day, while hunting, Bud encountered his twin brother Syd and the parents who abandoned him. Hilda made Bud a shadow God Warrior, saying he would replace Syd as the real God Warrior only when Syd died. He held much hatred against his brother Syd for all of this; yet after much convincing from Ikki (Phoenix Genma Ken included), Bud realized that all his actions (helping Syd to defeat Aldebaran, and later to defeat Shun when Syd was losing the battle) was due to the fact that he loved his brother very much, yet was unable to admit it. He then carried Syd's body into the blizzard, where Bud presumably died, wishing that he and Syd could again be brothers should they be reincarnated.

Seiyuu: Yuu Mizushima

  • Benetnasch Eta Mime

Techniques: Stringer Requiem, Kousoku Ken ("Lightspeed Fist")

Mime grew up with his father Folker, a powerful warrior who trained him against his will, since Mime himself wanted to be a musician. One day, Mime discovered that Folker had cruelly killed his true parents; guided by his fury and by Folker's acceptance and gloating, he killed Folker. After defeating Shun, who was disabled from using his chains, Mime fought against Ikki.

At the end of this battle, Mime discovered (by being attacked with the Phoenix Hōō Genma Ken) that Folker actually was a good man who killed Mime's parents unintentionally. Folker fought Mime's father but spared him when Folker found out that Mime's father was married, yet Mime's father still tried to attack, and when Folker fatally hit him in self-defense, Mime's mother attempted to stop them, but it was too late and both parents died. Then, Folker heard baby Mime crying in his crib, and out of guilt Folker took Mime as his child. Ultimately, Folker actually provoked Mime because he wanted to die by his adopted son's hand, to make up for the fatal mistake that cost Mime his true family.

Mime's famous last words to Ikki were that he wished that in a new life they could both be reborn as friends.

Named after the Nibelung Dwarf Mime, brother of the dwarven king Alberich, who trains and takes care of Siegfried

Mime has a similar attack style as Lyra Orphée, who is one of the most powerful Silver Saints under Saori Athena's banner.

Seiyuu: Yuji Mitsuya


  • Supposedly, the Saints represent the 88 constellations, yet according to the official number of Saints given (12 Gold Saints, 24 Silver Saints and 48 Bronze Saints), there are still four unaccounted Saints. However, three Silver Saints and over thirty Bronze Saints never make an appearance.
  • The manga Episode G suggests that the four unaccounted Saints could belong to the Bronze Saints. Due to Episode G's unknown status as Canon, this information may be unreliable.
  • In the Mythological Age, Cloths evolved into God Cloths. This was stated by Hypnos and Thanatos in the original manga.
  • In Gigantomachia, one of the four missing Saints was suggested to be Mei, who wears the Cloth of Coma.
  • "You can only use an attack on a Saint once, afterwards it will have no effect." This is a famous quote from many Saints, referring to how, after they have seen an attack once, they will know how to counter it, and subsequent uses of the same attack would prove ineffective.
  • It was stated in the movie pamphlet of Saint Seiya Gekijoban; the movie that the Cloths of the Southern Cross, Shield, and Orion are of the Silver rank. Note: Kurumada himself participated in the making of the movie and the Cloths, as stated in interviews about the movie in the Japanese magazine Newtype.

Saint Seiya Movies

Saint Seiya the Movie Evil Goddess Eris (First Movie)

  • Eris: Goddess of Chaos

Goddess of discord, Eris tempted Erii with a golden apple to possess her and uses her as a tool to start chaos in the world. After she caught Saori Kido (Athena), Eris placed a golden apple in front of Saori's chest to drain her power and life force to the point that she would no longer need Erii's body, and can proceed with her plan to take over the world.

In Greek mythology, when Eris was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis due to her troublemaking nature, she tossed a golden apple on the ground in front of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite that was inscribed "to the most beautiful goddess", which sparked a contest between the three goddesses and eventually led to the Trojan War.

  • Erii (絵梨衣): A volunteer at the orphanage where Seiya grew up, she was tempted by the golden apple that Eris sent in order to use Erii's body to come to this world. Erii and Hyoga had a close connection when they first met.

Seiyuu: Mayumi Shou as Erii, Toshiko Fujita as Eris
Ghost Saints ("Ghost Five", appeared in the first movie only)
The following appeared in the first movie, Five Ghost Saints (亡霊聖闘士5人), dead saints revived by Eris.

Techniques: Southern Cross Thunder Bolt
Seiyuu: Ryuusei Nakao (中尾 隆聖, なかお りゅうせい)

Christ died some time before Athena was kidnapped, and is thus recognised by Hyoga in the purpose of Christ being the southern cross and Hyoga the northern cross. Feeling restless and tormented by his death as he lay in his grave, Christ put aside his saint title and joined Eris, who revived him with a new body. As he faces Cygnus Hyoga and gets an advantage, Christ is betrayed by Eris who sees this as a good opportunity and throws a spear from behind, which pierces right through Christ's heart, killing him and injuring Hyoga at the same time.

Named after Christ, the anointed one.

Technique: Hunting Arrow Express
Seiyuu: Michitaka Kobayashi (小林 通孝, こばやし みちたか)

He has a personality similar to Pegasus Seiya's, but he would fight to the death if it meant winning. He proves this when he faces Seiya, to first talk with him and then attack with all his strength. Unfortunately he is no match for Seiya, but one of the arrows from his attack Phantom Arrow Express makes it through Seiya's defense. Seiya removes the arrow with ease, and later tries to get Maya to tell where Saori is, but leaves when he does not receive a response. Maya says with his last breath that the arrow is actually poisonous, and only one is enough to remove the five senses.

Named after Maya the indian deity of illusion.

  • Jager (Ghost Saint of Orion)

Techniques: Megaton Meteor Crash
Seiyuu: Yuu Mizushima (水島 裕, みずしま ゆう)

Said to be one of the most powerful Silver Saints, and served Athena with honor. After he was killed, however, he was aggrieved by being forgotten and by the loneliness that comes with being dead. So, he did not hesitate at Eris' offer and was soon revived with a new body to fight for the destruction of the world. As he faced Phoenix Ikki, he found his foe's strength to be almost equal to his. Yet when Ikki explained the meaning of the friendship the Saints had, Jager hesitated for a while but still continued to fight Ikki. Jager was interrupted when Pegasus Seiya obtained the Saggitarius Gold Cloth, and after having Seiya block his strongest attack, he was defeated by Seiya. In his last words, he confirmed that Seiya was a true Saint.

His name Jager means hunter, in German. Kurumada gave him that name because he represents Orion the hunter.

Techniques: Bone Crush Screw
Seiyu: Keiichi Nanba

Jan is an saint that apparently died in vain. This may well have been caused by his straightforward and jump-into-action personality. As he was restless in his grave, he gladly accepted Eris' offer, and was soon revived with a new body. He faced off with Dragon Shiryu, and to his advantage, as the Scutum cloth has a stronger shield than the Dragon Cloth. In a mere minute, he defeated Shiryu, but by gravely underestimating the Dragon saint, Jan was soon defeated as Shiryu unleashed all of his Cosmo into one single attack, and Jan was killed.

Named after Jan III Sobieski

  • Orpheus (Ghost Saint of Lyra)

Birthplace: Greece
Techniques: Stringer Requiem
Seiyu: Yuji Mitsuya

The legendary mythical person himself, as expressed by Andromeda Shun.
After his failure to bringing Eurydice back, he died with regrets. This led to him gladly taking Eris' offer and was revived in a new body.
As he faced off with Shun, Orpheus seemed to be a calm and subtle person, but as the fight progressed, he showed his evil side. After ensnaring and almost killing Shun with his Stringer Requiem, Orpheus was cut short by Phoenix Ikki's arrival.
Ikki used his Genma Ken to finish Orpheus, but since Orpheus had already suffered through hell, he brushed off the attack with ease. Wasting no time, Orpheus attacked with his Stringer Requiem again, but this time Ikki unleashed his Hoo Yoku Tensho and Orpheus was killed.

Named after the Greek mythical musician Orpheus.

Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods

  • Dorubar - He is at or above the level of Athena's Gold Saints. His primary attack is Odin's Shield. Seiya, in the Sagittarius Cloth, is barely able to defeat him.

Seiyuu: Iemasa Kayumi
Dorubar's God Warriors (appeared in the second movie only)
The second movie is Gods' Heated Battle (神々の熱き戦い).

  • Loki - Is defeated by Seiya. His two special techniques are Shuugeki Gun Rou Ken (Wolves Attack), and Odin Tempest.

Seiyuu: Yuu Mizushima

  • Ullr - He fights Shun, and gives Shun a beating until Ikki shows up to defeat him. Using a flaming sword, Ullr's special technique is Honou No Ken (Flaming Fist).

Seiyuu: Akira Murayama

  • Rung - He is defeated by Ikki. His special technique is Mjollnir Hammer (he could be the basis for Thor from the Asgard TV arc).

Seiyuu: Tessho Genda

  • Midgard (Hyoga) - A brainwashed Hyoga, he fights, and is defeated by, Shiryu. Even as Midgard, Hyoga uses the Aurora Thunder Attack.

Seiyuu: Kouichi Hashimoto

  • Frey - Although he is a God Warrior, we do not see him in his armor, nor do we see him using a special attack. Also, he is not evil like the rest of the God Warriors. He sacrifices his life to save Athena and the world.

Seiyuu: Keiichi Nanba

  • Freya - The sister of Frey. She is not a God Warrior.

Seiyuu: Satoko Yamano

The Legend of Crimson Youth (Third Movie)

  • Abel: The lost brother of Athena, he has come to take Athena with him and wants to "cleanse" the earth, but is eventually killed by Seiya using Sagittarius' Golden Arrow.

Many mistake Abel to be Apollo (as he is Athena's brother). The character Abel is speculated to be the unborn brother of Athena from Metis.

Seiyuu: Taichirou Hirokawa
Corona Saints (appeared in the third movie only)
Third movie - The legend of crimson youth (真紅の少年伝説). The following are the Corona Saints under Abel.

  • Atlas (Corona Saint of Carina)

Technique: Burning Corona (バーニングコロナ )

One of the three Corona Saints of Abel. He has light green hair.

Seiyuu: Akira Kamiya

Technique: Golden Death Hair (ゴールデンデスヘアー )

One of the three Corona Saints of Abel. He has short blond hair, and ability to control hair, and was defeated by Hyoga.

Seiyuu: Toshio Furukawa

  • Jaō (Corona Saint of Lynx)

Technique: Shining Hell Claw (シャイニングヘルクロウ)

One of the three Corona Saints of Abel. He has reddish brown hair, and died together with Gemini Saga when Saga sacrificed himself to help Seiya.

Seiyuu: Katsuji Mori

The Last Holy War (Fourth Movie)

  • Lucifer: The most evil of all evils, Satan himself in his true angelic form. He was defeated and cast out of heaven by the Archangel Michael. He appeared and killed off almost all of the Gold Saints with the help of his fallen angels, to try and take the blood of Athena so he may become the god of the whole universe.

Also see Lucifer in religion related topics.

Seiyuu: Masane Tsukayama
Fallen Angels (appeared in the fourth movie only)
The following four Saint Demon Angels (Seima Tenshi/聖魔天使) are followers of Lucifer:

  • Beelzebub (ベルゼバブ) (Fallen Angel of Seraph)

Technique: Garuda Hell Wing (ガルーダヘルウイング )

Also named "Garuda The Eagle God" (神鷲ガルーダ).The strongest of all four fallen angels, he rides a flaming demonic horse and can also attack from soaring in the air. He is the only Angel who, at one point or another in the movie, faces all of the Bronze Saints. During each encounter, he overpowers them all - none, not even Ikki, are a match for his power - until Seiya, who has donned the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, finally defeats him.

Named after Beelzebub in demon related subjects.

Seraph is the highest level of the upper level angels, as stated in Bible. Seraph have six wings.

Seiyuu: Katsuji Mori

  • Astaroth (アシタロテ) (Fallen Angel of Cherubim)

Technique: Killer Fanged Cobra (キラーファングドコブラ)

Also named "Double headed white king snake" (双頭の白蛇王) He faces, and is defeated by, Shiryu.

Named after Astaroth in demon related subjects.

Cherubim is the second highest in the upper level of angels.

Seiyuu: Keiichi Nanba

  • Moa (モア) (Fallen Angel Throne)

Technique: Demon Fantasia (デモンファンタジア )

Also named "Beautiful Hunter of Souls" (美しき魂の狩人). Moa has a beautiful appearance and uses illusions to attack. Hyoga is his opponent, and the one who defeats him.

Throne or Ophanim is the third highest in the upper level angels, as the carriers of the throne of God.

Seiyuu: Toshio Furukawa

  • Eligor (エリゴル) (Fallen Angel Virtue)

Technique: (

Also named "Golden Praying Mantis" (黄金の蟷螂). With his sharp claws, he shredded Andromeda Shun's chains like paper, and would have killed him had Ikki not appeared and saved Shun. Ikki eventually defeats and kills Eligor.

Named after Eligor in demon related subjects.

Virtue is the second highest of the mid level angels.

Seiyuu: Ken Yamaguchi

Heaven Chapter Introduction~Overture~

The Olympian Gods are the main Gods in the Saint Seiya mythology. Their armors are called "Kamui", though they are not used in the movie.

  • Apollo: Athena's older brother, Apollo. Seen in the Heaven Saga, Apollo is the god of light, prophecy, music, and healing, and not to be mistaken with Helios (god of the sun). One of the most powerful gods, he is said to have powers far beyond Athena's and Artemis'.
  • :Seiyu: Kazuhiro Yamaji

Also see Apollo in Greek mythology.

  • Artemis: older sister to Athena and younger sister to Apollo. She was the main villain in the Heaven Saga movie. She plans to destroy humans because they defy the gods. Artemis is the goddess of the the moon, the wild and hunting.
  • :Seiyu: Yurika Hino

In Greek mythology, Artemis is older than Apollo.

Also see Artemis in Greek mythology.

  • God: He is one of the gods that clarify the Gold Saints' Judgement, but he is not seen on screen. He could be Hephaestus, Hermes or Zeus.
  • :Seiyuu: Rumiko Kazama(風間ルミ)
  • Goddess: During the Gold Saints' judgment, there is a female goddess that can be heard. She could be Hera, Demeter, Hestia or Aphrodite.
  • :Seiyuu: Yûji Nagata


The Angels (written with the kanji 天闘士 meaning "Celestial Warriors") are the chosen warriors of the Olympian Gods. Their armors are named "Glory". They are also some of most powerful foes Athena's Bronze Saints have ever faced. The Cloths of Seiya, Shiryu, and Hyoga are all more or less destroyed in their respective battles against the Angels.

  • Icaros/Tōma (斗馬, Horse of the North Star ): The only human among the angels. He gives up his humanity to serve Artemis in order to be powerful like a god, and also turns out to be the long lost brother of Marin. However, by the end of the Heaven Saga movie, he sacrifices himself to protect Athena. He attacks with gold spears and electric charges. His finishing move is "Highest Altitude". He is supposed to have the same stats and attributes as Seiya, as they are the same size and share the same birthday. He was mentioned by Ophiuchus Shaina in Kurumada's original manga series, although his name was not revealed.
  • :Seiyu: Hikaru Midorikawa(緑川光), as a child: Fumiko Inoue

Based on Icaros, son of Daidalos; he flew too near the sun with wax-attached wings, then he fell into the sea and drowned.

  • Odysseus: He attacks with Energy Spheres and absorbs energy attacks, and he can redirect or combine them with his own power to make a reverse attack. He is defeated by both Hyōga and Shiryū. Much of the fight initially happens off-screen; Seiya, after regaining the Pegasus Cloth, stumbles upon Shiryu and Hyoga, who have already taken a beating from Odysseus, and Odysseus has smashed their cloths off-screen. Seiya then also takes a vicious beating from Odysseus and has his cloth shattered as well. However, Shiryu and Hyoga are able to energize their Cosmos and finally (though just barely) kill Odysseus with a combined attack.
  • :Seiyu: Hiroki Takahashi

Odysseus (Ulysses): King of Ithaca; husband of Penelope; wandered ten years after fall of Troy before arriving home.

  • Theseus: He uses wings to attack. Arguably the weakest of the 3 Angels, his finishing move is a Solar Beam. He tends to fly more than the other Angels, and is the first of the Angels to be defeated, by both Shun and Ikki. Unlike Odysseus, he does not or is unable to shatter Ikki and Shun's Bronze Cloths. Although Ikki's attack is the one that finishes him off, Ikki would not have been able to achieve the victory without Shun's help, as Shun distracts Theseus using the 'Nebula Chain' and 'Nebula Storm' attacks.
  • :Seiyuu: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Named after Theseus, son of Aegeus; slew Minotaur; married and deserted Ariadne; later married Phaedra.


  • Something worth noting is that the coloring between the original manga and the anime differs to some extent. For example, Camus has red hair in the manga, while it is light blue/turquoise in the anime.
  • Saori Kido is one of the few characters in Saint Seiya whose full name is revealed, in addition to Tatsumi Tokumaru (Saori's butler) and Julian Solo (Poseidon's reincarnation). All other characters do not have a last name stated in the series. In the cases of the warriors, generally the name of their armor is used instead (for instance: Pegasus Seiya, Wyvern Rhadamanthys, Lyra Orphee, Gemini Kanon.)
  • In the beginning of the manga series, some of the Bronze Saints do not wear fabric clothes under their Bronze Armors. However, as the series progresses, they start to have fabric clothes under their armors.
  • The five main Bronze Saints all have their individual street clothes that hardly ever change, which they wear throughout the anime series . Seiya is in a red tank top and blue jeans, Shiryu is in a lavender-colored traditional Chinese outfit, Hyoga is in a blue tank top and black pants with faded orange/yellow leg warmers, Shun is in a green t-shirt and white pants with white suspenders, and Ikki is in a navy-colored tank top and maroon jeans.
  • Mostly noticeable in anime, whenever the 5 Bronze Saints put on their Bronze Clothes, their street clothes disappear and are replaced with different colored fabric clothes under their Bronze Clothes. Seiya has red colored fabric, Shiryu started with lavender then went to dark blue or black later in the series, Hyoga started with blue then went to white later in the series, Shun started with green then went to white/light pink later in the series, and Ikki has dark blue colored fabric. So, it is sometimes stated that the fabric makes up part of the Cloth.


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