Munsang College(H.K. Island)

Munsang College (H.K. Island)

Munsang College (Hong Kong Island)is a Hong Kong college which established in 1999.Munsang College is founded by Mr. Au Chak Mun (also known as Au Tak), Mr. Mok Kon Sang and Dr. Ts'o Seen Wan in 1926. Mr Cheung Pak Hong, BBS is currently the principal of Munsang College (Hong Kong Island).

Mission Statement

The school motto are "Light And Life" and "All For One, One For All" , and the commitment is to offer to students a holistic education upon Christian principles and nurture in them a positive outlook on life, so that they can be self-motivated, resolute, devoted to making valuable contributions to the community, and prepared for the sublime state of life.

School Song

學海征帆 晨曦遠照 九萬里前程

光與生命 基督真理 吾輩貴篤行

五嶺之陽 春風化育 樑棟百年成

燈傳校訓 人人為我 我要為人人

學海無涯 同游共渡 敬業又樂群

夏絃春誦 日知所無 月毋忘所能

即物窮理 修身致用 不負此青衿

士先器識 弘毅任重 光大我民生

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