Mundaring Weir Branch Railway

Mundaring Weir Branch Railway

The Mundaring Weir Branch Railway was constructed from Mundaring, Western Australia to the site of the Mundaring Weir, and opened on June 1 1898.


Originally one of the rail lines built by the Public Works Department in the early 20th century - this line was specifically built for the construction of the weir. The line incorporated a zig zag. It was later taken over by the Western Australian Government Railways. The branch was a popular picnic and excursion line to the weir in the 1930s and 1940s.


Due to the steep grades down to Mundaring Weir, a limited range of locomotives were permitted to be run on the line.

In the 1940s the declining availability of Msa garratt steam engines available also affected the number of possible excursion trains to the weir, particularly during times of the weir overflowing, as they seemed to be the only available steam engine capable of negotiating the steep gradient.

Due to lack of any scheduled activity on the line in the early 1950s it was closed in 2 December 1952. The services on the connecting line, Mundaring Branch Railway, ceased traffic in January 1954, and was closed by parliament in 1966.

Different proposals since 1966 to resurrect the railway line as a tourist attraction have not materialised.

Stopping Places

  • Mundaring Weir
  • Kardo Mordo (adjacent to the Mundaring Weir Hotel)
  • Portagabra (near the current roundabout intersection turnoff to the Kookaburra Outdoor Cinema)This stopping place is not on 1940s timetables.
  • Gugeri's Siding (location of the 1895-1899 Adelaide Timber Company mill
  • O'Connor (next to where Pumping Station Number 2 was located)
  • Wonyil (west along the track where the line formation separates from the Mundaring Weir Road)

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