Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute

Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute

The Multiple Sclerosis Research Institute (MSRI) is a non-profit foundation founded by Dr. Jeffrey I.Greenstein.

Building on the work of such immunologists as Shimon Sakaguchi, Ethan Shevach, Alexander Rudensky and Fiona Powrie, the MSRI will explore the mysteries of T cells, a class of immune cell that seem to hold promise in suppressing dangerous immune responses. Such exploration could lead to new and unique treatments and therapies for MS and other immune diseases.

What was once considered "misguided research" is now promising ground for research. Dr. Greenstein and other researchers are optimistic about the results of T cell research. Much of the work of the MSRI will focus upon experiments that cull out specific T cell populations to suppress autoimmune responses.

The MSRI is challenged by a prediction made in 2004 by Dr. Sakaguchi: "Within 5 years, some clinical application of these cells will be here." This, in part,is why the MSRI's translational research is so important... the work of the laboratory needs to progress to clinical applications.

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