Multifidus muscle

Multifidus muscle

The multifidus (multifidus spinae : pl. multifidi ) muscle consists of a number of fleshy and tendinous fasciculi, which fill up the groove on either side of the spinous processes of the vertebrae, from the sacrum to the axis. The multifidus is a very thin muscle.

Deep in the spine, it spans three joint segments, and works to stabilize the joints at each segmental level.

The stiffness and stability makes each vertebra work more effectively, and reduces the degeneration of the joint structures.

These fasciculi arise:

Each fasciculus, passing obliquely upward and medialward, is inserted into the whole length of the spinous process of one of the vertebræ above.

These fasciculi vary in length: the most superficial, the longest, pass from one vertebra to the third or fourth above; those next in order run from one vertebra to the second or third above; while the deepest connect two contiguous vertebrae.

Multifidus lies deep to the Spinal Erectors, Transverse Abdominus, and Internal/External Obliques. Therefor due to recent clinical research it may not be stimulated during abdominal bracing.(simular feeling when you're bracing for a punch) Research shows that Abdominal Hollowing may stimulate the multifidus region more effectively by (drawing the navel to the spine). this can most effectively be peformed when the controlled exercise is worked in the transverse plane. Stimulating a muscle like the Multifidus, it is best to focus on isolating from the inside out. 12 weeks of abdominal hollowing, followed by continuous abdominal bracing.

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