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Mugil cephalus


Mugil is one genus among 17 genera containing altogether about 80 species of ray-finned fish of the family Mugilidae commonly known as mullet. The genus Mugil contains 17 species.


  • Banana mullet Mugil bananensis
  • Broussonnet's mullet Mugil broussonnetii
  • Dwarf mullet Mugil curvidens
  • Fantail mullet Mugil gyrans
  • Flathead mullet see Striped mullet
  • Galapagos mullet Mugil galapagensis
  • Hospe mullet Mugil hospes
  • Liseta mullet Mugil setosus
  • Liza Mugil liza
  • Mullet Mugil rammelsbergii
  • Narrowhead grey mullet Mugil capurrii
  • Parassi mullet Mugil incilis
  • So-iuy mullet Mugil soiuy
  • Striped mullet Mugil cephalus
  • White mullet Mugil curema
  • Mugil gaimardianus
  • Mugil platanus
  • Mugil trichodon

Note that the species with common name Liza is in this genus Mugil, and not in the genus Liza as might be expected.

17 species in this genus are recorded in Fishbase (March 2007). (Links in the following table are to Fishbase entries for species)

Species name (2007) Common name Nominal species (historic)
Mugil bananensis Banana mullet Myxus bananensis Pellegrin, 1927
Mugil broussonnetii Broussonnet's mullet Mugil broussonnetii Valenciennes, 1836; Myxus malayanus Herre, 1936
Mugil capurrii Narrowhead grey mullet Mugil monodi Chabanaud, 1926; Myxus capurrii Perugia, 1892
Mugil cephalus Striped mullet Mugil our Forsskål, 1775; Mugil provensalis Risso, 1810; Mugil tang Bloch, 1794; Mugil japonicus Temminck & Schlegel, 1845; Mugil lineatus Valenciennes, 1836; Mugil mexicanus Steindachner, 1876; Myxus pacificus Steindachner, 1900; Mugil ashanteensis Bleeker, 1863; Mugil albula Linnaeus, 1766; Myxus superficialis Klunzinger, 1870; Mugil dobula Günther, 1861; Mugil gelatinosus Klunzinger, 1872; Mugil grandis Castelnau, 1879; Mugil hypselosoma Ogilby, 1897; Mugil muelleri Klunzinger, 1880; Mugil mulleri Klunzinger, 1880; Mugil occidentalis Castelnau, 1873; Mugil crenilabis our Forsskål, 1775; Mugil cephalotus Valenciennes, 1836; Mugil cephalus ashanteensis Bleeker, 1863; Myxus caecutiens Günther, 1876; Myxus barnardi Gilchrist & Thompson, 1914; Mugil cephalus Linnaeus, 1758
Mugil curema White mullet Myxus harengus Günther, 1861; Mugil metzelaari Chabanaud, 1926; Mugil petrosus Valenciennes, 1836; Mugil curema Valenciennes, 1836
Mugil curvidens Dwarf mullet Mugil curvidens Valenciennes, 1836; Mugil longicauda Guitart Manday & Alvarez-Lajonchere, 1976
Mugil gaimardianus Mugil gaimardianus Desmarest, 1831
Mugil galapagensis Galapagos mullet Mugil galapagensis Ebeling, 1961
Mugil gyrans Fantail mullet Querimana gyrans Jordan & Gilbert, 1884
Mugil hospes Hospe mullet Mugil hospes Jordan & Culver, 1895
Mugil incilis Parassi mullet Mugil guentheri Steindachner, 1866; Mugil incilis Hancock, 1830
Mugil liza Liza Mugil lebranchus Poey, 1860; Mugil liza Valenciennes, 1836
Mugil platanus Mugil platanus Günther, 1880
Mugil rammelsbergii Mullet Mugil rammelsbergii Tschudi, 1846
Mugil setosus Liseta mullet Mugil setosus Gilbert, 1892
Mugil soiuy So-iuy mullet Liza borealis Popov, 1930; Liza joyneri borealis Popov, 1930; Liza menada borealis Popov, 1930; Mugil soiuy Basilewsky, 1855
Mugil trichodon Mugil trichodon Poey, 1875


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