Mr. Eric West

Mr. Eric West

Mr. Eric West (once titled Half-Life) is the debut album by actor/singer Eric West, due in 2006. (see 2006 in music). The CD was originally scheduled for release September, 2004, but Eric went back in the recording studio fall 2004 to re-record it. According to reports new songs that will appear on the album include a song titled Black Rose written by West and new comer Iakavos Brotherton and Wires, reports also suggest songs that appeared on the promotional copy will not appear on the final release in 2006.

Half | Life was described as "inspired recordings and a showcase for all that this artist can accomplish when you don't put yourself into a box with the rest, recordings that take you back to the time when music and lyrics meant something." (pop-music)

On January 202005 AOL Music announced it will premiere Eric's debut single from "Half | Life". On Eric's official site, it states the LP's first single will be between "Half | Life" and a track titled "If I Only Knew", according to numerous websites the album will include songs called "Black Rose," "Wires," and "Underdog".

A number of songs recorded for Half | Life have been registered at

2006 Release

Confirmed songs to appear on the official release in 2006 are "Half | Life", "Don't Make Me Wait" written by Tim & Bob (Jennifer Lopez, Destiny's Child, Jon B.), "Who I Am", "Black Rose", and "I'm In Love".

2005 Promotional Copy Track listing

  1. Half | Life
  2. Can't Be Friends
  3. I'm Still Alive
  4. Country Side (Come With Me)
  5. Want You
  6. Letting You Go
  7. Faded Memory
  8. Looking For Love
  9. Fame
  10. End Of The Line
  11. Strange
  12. Interlude: Dear God
  13. Long Time Coming

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