Moyra Caldecott

Moyra Caldecott

Moyra Caldecott (June 1, 1927) is a British author of historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction and non-fiction. Her works include "Guardians of the Tall Stones" and The Egyptian Sequence.

Moyra Caldecott was born in Pretoria, South Africa, and moved to London in 1951. She married Oliver Caldecott and raised three children. She has degrees in English and Philosophy and an M.A. in English Literature.

In 2000, Moyra Caldecott became one of the earliest proponents of commercial e-books, when she contracted with Mushroom eBooks to re-publish most of her titles in electronic formats.



  • Child of the Dark Star (a future fantasy novel) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-899142-23-1
  • The Winged Man (the legendary King Bladud, Britain c.500 BC) Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-330-2
  • The Waters of Sul (set in Aquae Sulis in Roman Britain c.72 AD) Paperback ISBN 978-1-84319-547-4
  • The Silver Vortex (sequel to Guardians of the Tall Stones) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-84319-318-3
  • Hatshepsut: Daughter of Amun (the story of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-84319-263-2
  • Akhenaten: Son of the Sun (the story of the pharaoh Akhenaten) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-899142-25-8
  • Tutankhamun and the Daughter of Ra (the story of the wife of Tutankhamun) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-84319-266-7
  • The Ghost of Akhenaten (the sequel to the Egyptian sequence) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-84319-024-9
  • The Green Lady and the King of Shadows Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-450-7
  • The Lily and the Bull (set in Bronze Age Crete) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-84319-270-5
  • The Tower and the Emerald (a romantic fantasy set in Dark Ages Britain) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-84319-271-3
  • Three Celtic Tales (three tales from the Mabinogion) Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-548-1
  • Etheldreda (life of the Anglo Saxon saint of Ely, 7th century AD) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-84319-269-1
  • Weapons of the Wolfhound (teenage novel about Vikings set in the Hebrides and Iceland) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-84319-268-3
  • The Eye of Callanish (the sequel to Weapons of the Wolfhound) Paperback and eBook ISBN 1-84319-120-2
  • The Tall Stones (the first of the Guardians of the Tall Stones sequence)
  • The Temple of the Sun (the second of the Guardians of the Tall Stones sequence)
  • Shadow on the Stones (the third of the Guardians of the Tall Stones sequence)
  • Adventures by Leaf Light (stories for little children) Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-551-1

Myths and legends

  • Twins of the Tylwyth Teg (retells a tale from Celtic folklore)
  • Taliesin and Avagddu (retells a tale from the Mabinogion)
  • Bran, Son of Llyr (retells a tale from the Mabinogion)
  • Three Celtic Tales (collected edition of the three stories above) Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-548-1
  • The Green Lady and the King of Shadows (Glastonbury legends) Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-450-7
  • Crystal Legends (the lore and legend of crystals and crystal healing) Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-326-5
  • Women in Celtic Myth (tales of extraordinary women from the ancient Celtic tradition)
  • Myths of the Sacred Tree (tree myths and legends from around the world)
  • Mythical Journeys: Legendary Quests (the spiritual search - traditional stories from world mythology) Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-523-8


  • The Breathless Pause (a selection of poems) Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-552-8


  • Multi-Dimensional Life (a writer's life and inspiration) Paperback and eBook ISBN 978-1-84319-549-8

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