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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (also known as, Power Rangers: The Movie) is a movie based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Fox Kids, the first series in the Power Rangers franchise. It featured the characters and actors from the series itself and was loosely based on Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (only the Rangers' Zords were based on the Mecha of Kakuranger, no other storyline elements were used in the movie). It was released by 20th Century Fox on June 30, 1995 and ultimately grossed $37,804,616 theatrically in the U.S. and over 68 million worldwide, making it a financial success.


After the Power Rangers participate in a charity skydive, a giant egg is unearthed in Angel Grove. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa investigate the egg, and release the creature inside - Ivan Ooze, whom Zordon had trapped him inside the egg six thousand years ago. Once released, Ooze left to seek revenge on Zordon. He disguises himself as a carnival wizard and gives free jars of purple ooze to children. Fred Kelman, the Rangers' young friend, buys a jar, and brings it home. Later, his father finds the jar and inspects the ooze. When he pulls some out of the jar, mysterious charges of purple electricity go through him, putting him under the control of Ivan Ooze along with all of the other parents of Angel Grove. Apparently this ooze only affects adults, as it is later seen that the children and teens are not affected and are playing with the ooze.

When the Power Rangers are sent to fight Ivan's Ooze Men, the Command Center is left defenseless, allowing Ivan Ooze to destroy it, almost killing Zordon and weakening and slightly diswiring Alpha 5 in the process. Due to the destruction, the Power Rangers lose their powers, and they must go on a quest to find new Ninjetti powers on the distant planet of Phaedos. When Ivan sends his Tengu Warriors after the Rangers, they are assisted by Dulcea, who bestows upon the Rangers new Ninja powers based on the six Ninja animals: the Falcon, the Ape, the Bear, the Wolf, the Crane, and the Frog. Dulcea directs the Rangers to find the Ninjetti Temple to find the Great Power on their own, as she will age rapidly if she takes one step off the plateau. On their way, they must battle a living dinosaur skeleton and at the temple battle four living statues. When the statues are destroyed, the Great Power is bestowed upon them and they morph into the Power Rangers again.

When the Rangers return to Earth, they find it under attack by Ivan's Ectomorphicon Titans, and call upon their new Ninjazords to battle the Titans. They destroy Scorpitron, and then form the Ninja Megazord to battle Hornitor. During this time, the children of Angel Grove realize that Ivan plans to kill all of their parents. Fred leads them to the construction site where Ivan directed the adults to fall into a massive hole. When Ivan fuses with Hornitor, the Rangers form the Ninja Mega Falconzord to try and destroy him, eventually using Orion's Comet, which was passing the Earth, to destroy him. The Rangers struggle fighting Ivan, and Aisha has an idea: she hits a button next to her post, claiming that she's, "taking care of business", which causes the Megazord's knee to come into contact with Ivan's groin, causing him to let go and come into contact with the Orion's Comet, and destroying him, releasing the parents of Angle Grove from Ivan's spell. The Rangers get back to the Command Center, but Zordon has died. Tommy reminds the Rangers that with the Great Power, anything is possible. Combining their powers, the Rangers revive Zordon and restore the Command Center.

The movie ends with a celebration in the Angel Grove harbor, thanking the Power Rangers for saving the world, although Bulk and Skull complain that it was themselves who saved the day.

Meanwhile, it is unknown what becomes of Rita and Zedd, as their last appearance in the movie is when Ivan is still alive. It is never explained whether the snowball disappears when Ivan is destroyed, Goldar frees them, or they remain trapped in the snowball to die.

However as you continue watching the credits, it shows Goldar sitting on the throne pronouncing himself as King Goldar right before Zed and Rita walk in.


The Power Rangers

Tommy Oliver: The White Power Ranger, played by Jason David Frank.Rocky DeSantos: The Red Power Ranger, played by Steve Cardenas.Adam Park: The Black Power Ranger, played by Johnny Yong Bosch.Billy Cranston: The Blue Power Ranger, played by David Yost.Aisha Campbell: The Yellow Power Ranger, played by Karan Ashley.Kimberly Hart: The Pink Power Ranger, played by Amy Jo Johnson.



DVD and television releases

The movie was first released on DVD on November 4,2003. It has also aired a few times on the ABC Family channel as well as Cinemax and HBO. In Russia it has aired on the Channel One. It airs rather frequently on the Fox Movie Channel, with a rating of TV-PG-V.


When aired on certain television stations, the movie no longer retains its original title, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie. It has since been reduced to "Power Rangers: The Movie" to prevent confusion from younger viewers who did not grow up with the original series.

Behind the scenes

  • Austin St. John (Jason Lee Scott), Walter Jones (Zack Taylor) and Thuy Trang (Trini Kwan) were set to star in the movie, but plans fell through because of their salary dispute with the show.
  • Catherine Sutherland auditioned for the part of Dulcea, but was turned down because the producers thought she was too young for the part. She would later take on the role of Kat Hillard the new Pink Ranger when Amy Jo Johnson left the series.
  • Amy Jo Johnson commented that the Ranger suits looked more powerful and that the movie itself was "kind of a mix between The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars."
  • Johnny Yong Bosch revealed during the Power Morphicon 2007 that the line where he replies "I'm a frog" to Dulcea after she asks him why he's upset over his Ninja animal was ad-libbed at his insistence when he asked the director, feeling that the frog was confusing or lame for his character.

Adaptations in other media

  • Various video games were created for the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and Sega Game Gear.
    • The Sega Genesis version had three levels dedicated to the movie battles against Ivan Ooze, the Scorpitron, Hornitor, and the Ooze Men. The other four levels were dedicated to memorable MMPR Season 2 episodes (in which Jason, Zack and Trini were playable), such as Tommy getting his White Ranger powers and the recruitment of Rocky, Adam and Aisha. The Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord were also playable characters in the Season 2 levels, though their destruction was never shown as in the movie.
    • The Sega Game Gear version had three levels dedicated to Season 2 of MMPR while the other four levels were dedicated to the movie-based battles.
  • Marvel Comics released an adaptation comic of the movie which was dated Semptember 1995. It is nearly faithful to the movie except for:
    • Some deleted concepts from the film, though minor, appear, such as Zordon referring to his previous warriors as The Order Of Meledan, and Dulcea's stick making the whistling sound the Tengus refer to later in the film.
    • The Ninjazords from Kakurangers/MMPR Season 3 are used rather than the movies version, but still has the sword similar to the Shogun Megazord.

Differences between the movie and the show

According to Paul Freeman, who played Ivan Ooze, the movie was originally going to be done in the style of the TV shows before the producers changed their minds and decided to put more resources into the production.


This movie takes place in an alternate timeline from the Power Rangers television show, as numerous differences appear between the two. These differences are largely because Power Rangers: The Movie was an entirely American-made production (unlike the television show it is based on), and was thus treated to a more Western type of storytelling. The story of how the Rangers received their Ninja powers and the Ninjazords is told in an entirely different way on the television show in a four-part episode entitled "Ninja Quest". One of the changes is in the opening crawl when it states Zordon originally chose six teenagers to be Rangers, when it was actually five.

Though not canon, the movie is the first time Zordon's home planet of Eltar was mentioned. Following this however, Eltar became part of the TV show's continuity. Characters such as Dulcea never appear in the show or are even referenced (Ninjor bequeathed the Ninja Powers to the Rangers in the TV show). The new character of Mordant is treated as if it had always been among the "Evil Space Aliens," and Squatt and Baboo are nowhere to be seen; neither were Finster and Scorpina (Mordant's presence was explained in a scene cut from the final draft of the script). When the Tengu Warriors were introduced in Season 3 of the TV series, their names were changed to Tenga Warriors.

Other changes include the fact that, in the show, Zordon's energy tube contains energy (specifically, good energy, as opposed to evil energy) that, when released from the tube, kills Zordon instantly while destroying all active evil in the universe (see Countdown to Destruction). In the movie, his energy tube is called a time warp, and prevents him from aging. When destroyed, no energy is released, and Zordon dies slowly (and possibly painfully) by way of rapid aging.

Also, in the movie, Alpha claims that no one can enter the Command Center without a power coin (before being proven wrong by Ivan Ooze slipping through the cracks in the door). This seems to imply that access is physically impossible, yet in the show, in the episode Green with Evil, part 1, Zordon claims that a power coin merely allows a being to enter the Command Center undetected, implying that anyone may enter the Command Center if they do not mind an alarm being sounded.


Many of the differences are merely cosmetic, as the movie budget and the fact the film was shot in Sydney, Australia necessitated new and more elaborate sets to be constructed. The Command Center and Zedd's Palace sets are much more detailed. The Command Center has lights built into the walls that dim and brighten, as well as a "rotating" light in the floor. The neon columns are also designed differently too, giving the Command Center a more futuristic appearance than on the show.

In the series, Zordon appears as a projection from another dimension via his Energy Tube and the large blinking poles around him. The movie portrays Zordon as living inside the Energy Tube, which acts as a time-lock chamber, preventing him from aging, with the poles as a form of power and life-support. Once the tube is shattered, however, Zordon begins to grow old quite rapidly, until he eventually dies. This, too, is different than the series, as when Zordon's tube is destroyed in Countdown to Destruction, he dies instantly.

Even the face of the Ninja Megazord looks different from its Kakuranger counterpart. The seating is somewhat changed, for example, Pink Ranger sits lower-down, front-and-center, Blue Ranger sits to the left of her, and Red Ranger sits to her right. Due to this, Kimberly is hinted to be the second-in-command as opposed to the show in which Rocky seems to be second-in-command in the Ninja Megazord. The Ninja Megazord's Power Sword resembles the Fire Saber used by the Shogun Megazord in the series.

The city of Angel Grove looks significantly different from how it appeared in the show. This is a result of the show being shot in Los Angeles, while the movie was shot in Kiama and Sydney, Australia and the Fall Creek Falls State Park near Pikeville, Tennessee.


Costumes were also upgraded. The Rangers' suits are made of PVC and metal plating rather than the standard spandex, and several Rangers have features in their helmets that never appeared in the series (a mountable scope on Rocky's helmet, and headlights built into Aisha's). The helmets also appear heavier and bulkier. In addition, Alpha 5's appearance is quite different, but Richard Steven Horvitz provides his voice in both.

The Rangers' suits also feature emblems in the center of the white diamond on the chest with a picture of their respective prehistoric animals early on, and later, their Ninja animals. Although these emblems were never part of the costumes from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger used in the show (except for Tommy's White Ranger costume, which is from Gosei Sentai Dairanger), they appeared in early promotional art and the Power Rangers action figures during its early years. In a leaked early draft of the script, the emblems did have a use (although, only for their Ninjetti costumes); on the backs of the emblems were mirrors that the Rangers had to use to solve a puzzle connected to the Great Power that would eventually give them their new Ranger powers and Zords. (Kimberly primps her hair a moment during the scene as well, demonstrating the popular girl stereotype.)

Also, the movie's morphers were different. The morphers were not removable from the belt holsters. The holsters color matched the ranger, while in the show they were black. The morphers were chrome instead of silver, the red circle around the power coin did not have any words rather than say "POWER RANGERS" and the color of the lightning bolts on the morphers matched the rangers.

Action sequences

The Rangers morphed in a different order than the TV show's morphing sequence. Here in the film, the morphing order is Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and White Ranger; as opposed to the TV show's normal order of White, Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Red.

To further the differences between the show and the movie, Tommy's call to morph here is "White Tiger!" instead of "Tigerzord!" in the show.

There are two weapons from the movie that do not appear in the series: Billy's "Stega Stinger," and Kimberly's "Pterodactyl Thunder Whip."

There are also two devices from the movie that do not appear in the series: Aisha's "Power Beam," and Rocky's "Power Scope."

The rangers often crack jokes as they fight; for example, in the first battle with Ivan's ooze monsters, Aisha screams "Kiss and make up!" before ramming two ooze monsters' faces together. This is not seen in the series until after the end of the classical era (which ends with the two-part episode Countdown to Destruction).

The zords, although based off the ninja zords of the series, have the ability to fight on their own; the crane and falcon have missiles in their wings, the wolf and bear zords can bite, the ape fights with a lance, and the frog can neutralize enemies with its tongue, putting them open for an attack. In the series, only a few zords per team have this ability (for example, in the first season, only the Tyrannosaurus and Dragon zords have ever been seen doing this).


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie: Original Soundtrack Album


  • The movie was the first time the Rangers used something other than their own weapons (in this case, a comet) to destroy a villain.
  • When exploring the dinosaur canyon, one of the rangers says "Welcome to Jurassic Park."
  • The song "Dreams" by Van Halen was used in the movie at the end when the Rangers are talking to Fred.
  • Kimberly's "Thunder Whip" was originally called the "Raptor Ribbon," as seen during the television special: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Secretes Revealed."
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers cover of “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder is played during the skydiving scene.


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