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There are ca. 240 movie theaters in the Netherlands, with ca. 700 screens ( , PDF).

The main movie theater chains in the Netherlands are Pathé, Jogchem's, Minerva, Wolff Cinema Groep, and Utopia/Utopolis.

Pathé Theatres B.V. is part of the EuroPalaces movie theater chain with 75 movie theaters with 730 screens (2004), mainly in France, which in turn is part of Pathé. Pathé Theatres B.V. operates a chain of 12 multiplex theaters in the Netherlands, with together 102 screens, excluding one that is being reconstructed:

Of these, 8 theaters with 77 screens are in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. The largest theaters are Pathé De Munt in the center of Amsterdam (13 screens), Pathé Arena in Amsterdam Zuidoost (14 screens), and Pathé De Kuip in Rotterdam (14 screens). Near De Munt is Pathé Tuschinski with 6 screens. The chain sells the "Pathé Unlimited Card" (PUC) for unlimited entrance at all its Dutch theaters for € 18 per month; in April 2006 there were 15,000 pass holders.

The "Groninger Filmkaart", for €20/month, allows unlimited entrance at the two movie theaters MustSee Euroborg (10 screens) and Images (3 screens, Wolff Cinema Groep), both in Groningen. There is also a version for €35/month giving also unlimited entrance to any person accompanying the card holder (not more than one per screening).

IMAX theaters:

As of May 2006, in 10 movie theaters 2k digital cinema projection is available for at least part of the screens. For example, for 3 of the 8 screens in Utopolis Almere, with Barco, DP 100 2K projectors (2048x1080 pixels). Distribution of the data may in future be by cable or satellite, but is now by physically transporting a portable harddisk. Since 2007 Pathé Tuschinski and Pathé Buitenhof also sometimes apply digital projection.

A Wolff theater with 18 screens will arise in Utrecht, at the Jaarbeurs-side (westside) of Utrecht Centraal railway station. Using Wolff's definition of a megaplex theater, one having 16 or more screens, it will be the first one in the Netherlands.

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