Motor club

Motor club

Motor clubs are organizations, either for-profit or non-profit, which motorists (drivers, vehicle owners) can join to enjoy certain benefits provided by the club relating to driving a vehicle. There is typically an annual Membership fee to join. A membership identification card, valid for the time period of membership paid, is typically issued to the member.

Typical motor club benefits

Member benefits may include the following:

  • Use of membership card as bail bond card for minor traffic violations. This is especially useful for members driving outside their own state, since other state law enforcement agencies commonly do not recognize posting out-of-state driver's licenses as bail bond, but often accept motor club member cards.
  • Emergency road service upon presentation of membership card. Often there is a nationwide network with agreements with various local towing and other emergency road service providers.
  • Providing members with maps or other tourist or motoring information in some cases.
  • In some cases, reward stickers or decals may be provided to the member to place in the window of his/her vehicle, offering a reward to someone locating or reporting a stolen vehicle.
  • Sometimes certain services related to vehicles such as transferring ownership may be provided to members at a reduced cost.
  • Some businesses such as motels may provide members of certain motor clubs with discounts upon presentation of their membership cards.

List of well-known motor clubs

North America



  • ADAC - Europe's largest automobile club.


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