Mortier de 58 mm type 2

Mortier de 58 mm type 2

The Mortier de 58 mm type 2, also known as the Crapouillot or "little toad" from its appearance, was the standard French medium trench mortar of World War I.


Introduced April 1915.

Combat use

3 types of bomb were available :

  • Light L.S. bomb - 18 kg, containing 5.35 kg explosive. 6 wings, hollow plugged tail.
  • Heavy D.L.S. bomb - 35 kg, containing 10.0 kg explosive. 6 wings, hollow plugged tail.
  • Medium A.L.S bomb - 20 kg, containing 6.4 kg explosive. 3 wings, unlike the other 2 it has a hollow tail which contained the propellant charge, placing thrust closer to center of gravity and increasing range and accuracy. Not yet in common use as at March 1918.

Examples of capabilities :-

  • To destroy a 3m x 3m blockhouse, 60-80 D.L.S. bombs or 100-150 L.S. bombs were required.
  • To cut a passage through barbed wire defences 40mtr wide x 30mtr deep, 120 D.L.S. bombs or 200 L.S. bombs were required.

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