Moor Grange County Secondary School

Moor Grange County Secondary School

Moor Grange County Secondary School was located in the Leeds postal district of Leeds 16 at the junction of Parkstone Avenue and the West Park section of the Leeds Ring Road (A6120). Although it was named Moor Grange it was actually located in the Ireland Wood area. The school was a boys school and its main section was four stories high. The science block was located on the top of a two story building above the wood work, metal work and art rooms. It also had a set of annexes used as classrooms adjacent to the playground. The school was later renamed Moor Grange High School in the 70's. It was demolished in the late 80's and is now home to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs house. The school opened in 1960 and was filled by boys in years 2 - 4 from West Park County Secondary School nearby which reverted to its original construction as a girls only school from September 1961 after the 5th form boys left following taking their GCE's.


The school had a football pitch, a cricket square, a rugby field, an athletics area including long jump, high jump and pole vault, a running track of 440 yards and two tennis courts. It also boasted a gym and its assembly hall was frequently used as an additional gym.

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