Monster Hunter 3 tri~

Monster Hunter 3 (tri-)

Monster Hunter 3 (tri-) is the third installment in the popular Monster Hunter franchise scheduled for release for the Wii. The title was initially scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 but was announced to have been moved to the Wii during Nintendo's Fall 2007 Conference "due to high development cost of titles for PS3". A trailer of the game was also shown during the same event.


Keiji Inafune appeared at the end of the trailer saying the following message:

I'm Keiji Inafune of Capcom. We're glad to announce Monster Hunter for Wii. This Monster Hunter 3 is an original sequel to Monster Hunter 2. The images you've seen were created on the actual Wii hardware. Our developers are working hard on development now. Please enjoy playing Monster Hunter with the Wii Remote to your heart's content. And please look forward to the actual release of the game in 2009.

A video has been shown to the public. It is taken by a camera, not great in quality. But it shows in-depth how advanced the underwater mechanics to the game are. The Tokyo Games Show (TGS) unveiled Monster Hunter Tri and gave fans a chance to play hands-on. In addition, many videos are available detailing not only the gameplay, but also the technique used for attacks, item usage etc.

Another feature Capcom are looking at implementing is Monster Hunter Theater, which will record battles, allowing them to be played back from various camera angles, and store them on a central server accessable by a web browser.


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