Monster Blood

Monster Blood II

Monster Blood II is the 18th book in R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series.


Now living in Atlanta, Evan Ross loathes his weird science teacher Mr. Murphy and Cuddles the hamster, who Evan has been tasked to look after. When Andrea {Andy} shows up to live with her aunt for a year, she brings the old can of Monster Blood with her, and she pulls her idea of a joke... by feeding some to Cuddles, who soon begins to grow larger and larger. The growth is slow at first, and Evan is punished by Mr. Murphy for "over feeding" Cuddles. After this Cuddles' growth goes unnoticed until Evan walks in to the empty classroom and sees that Cuddles has grown so large he is breaking free of his cage (see cover picture). Cuddles escapes into the grounds and Evan is unable to locate him. Cuddles continues to grow until a few days later he is roughly the size of an elephant. Cuddles then attacks the school, and Evan and Andy try several distractions to subdue the giant hamster. Eventually, Evan eats some of the remaining Monster Blood himself, and soon grows to the same size as Cuddles and prepares to do battle with the hamster. Mr. Murphy screams & moves to Australia.

However, the Monster Blood used here is old and stale, and when the expiration date on the can passes, the magic wears off returning both Evan and Cuddles to their normal sizes. As a reward, Cuddles is donated to Evan. The final chapter reveals that Andy's parents found another can of Monster Blood while in Europe and sent it to her. Ayanna Muniz is shown, but she's a model.The last page reads,

"Andy set the can of Monster Blood down on the desk in the corner. They obediently hurried to wash their hands. They had a lively dinner. There was lots to talk about. They laughed and joked about it now that it was all over. After dinner, Evan and Andy returned to the living room. Andy was the first to see that the door to the hamster cage was wide open. The cage was empty. Evan was the one who spotted Cuddles on the desk. 'Cuddles...What are you eating?' he cried. 'What are you eating?'"

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The events of Monster Blood II are the subject of a TV documentary in Return To Horrorland.

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