Monkey boxing

Crazy Monkey Boxing

Crazy Monkey Boxing is a unique approach to boxing principles meant to be incorporated in Mixed Martial Arts and Self-Defense. It was developed by South African martial arts coach Rodney King (not the same and no relation to Rodney King), and is taught worldwide by members of the Performance Coaching World Alliance (PCWA) . Similar in many ways to a classic boxing "high guard," it is often first taught as a defense but can and has been used offensively by MMA fighters successfully.

The stance is very squared, with the lead leg only slightly forward. This makes it easy for the practitioner to shoot or sprawl.

There is no relation or any influence from Monkey Kung Fu.

While the stance and posture are the most obvious elements of Crazy Monkey, there is an in-depth coaching methodology behind the delivery of it. This method has allowed the system to be used for sport, self-defence, law enforcement, military training or as a tool for self development.

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