Monfero is a borough of Ferrolterra in North-western Spain in the Province of A Coruña, in the autonomous community of Galicia. Ferrolterra's population represents the third largest concentration of people in Galicia, and its disperse population exceeds 211,000 (2005).


Due not by the sea, due to its geographical proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, it could be said that Monfero does not enjoy extreme oscillation in its weather conditions neither in winter nor in summer. The weather is mild all the year around almost as if we were talking about one only season, and that is very different from what happens in other parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Like the rest of Galicia, it is rainy and beautifully green, and as different from other parts of Ferrolterra in winter time snow can be found in most parts of the borough. Still, the summers tend to be a bit dryer than the winters.


The borough can be divided into several parishes, also known as "Parroquias", which differ from each other in extension, population density, economic activities.

Nature and Tourism


Almost exclusively Farming, Agriculture and Timber production though services also do exist. Wind-mill parks are common in Ferrolterra particularly in the boroughs of Carino, Cedeira and A Capela.

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