Mole (Farthing Wood)

Mole (Farthing Wood)

Animals Of Farthing Wood Character

Name: Mole
Species: European Mole
Seasons: 1, 2
First Appearance: The Wood In Danger (1x01)
Last Appearance: New Enemies (2x04)
Spouse: Mateless
Offspring: Mossy, and an unnamed female

Mole is a fictional character from the animated children's television series The Animals of Farthing Wood, based upon the books of the same name by author Colin Dann.


''Mole is an extremely sensitive character and is easily and frequently moved to tears. He struggles during the journey to White Deer Park with feelings of uselessness, brought about by his slowness and need to ride on Badger’s back for the majority of the journey.

He often believes that he is a burden, going so far as to slip off Badger's back and try walking on his own. Despite this, he does prove useful to the group on several occasions; once using his digging ability to free them from imprisonment in a barn. In the town, he finds a hole in the church wall, allowing the animals to enter and take shelter from a storm.

Mole is very greedy, particularly when it comes to worms, and this greed sometimes gets him into trouble; once causing him to be lost in a forest fire. As a result of this, Mole is rescued by a fireman and then escapes, to find himself unable to see the other animals. Owl and Kestrel then put on a flying display to distract the human firefighters.


Mole becomes great friends with Badger, and rides on his back for the majority of the journey to White Deer Park - one of the few exceptions to this is when Badger and Weasel become separated from the group when fleeing the church and Mole rides on Vixen. Mole is very concerned when Badger goes missing during the difficult winter at White Deer Park and seems to spend most of his time out searching for him. Finally, the Warden's Cat find him and tells him Badger is fine. When Badger returns, he is initially very distant with Mole, who becomes upset.

Their friendship is so strong that Badger is not told of mole's death, for fear that the pain will be too much for him.

Mole also finds a mate, Mateless, in White Deer Park. He meets her during the winter, asking her to join him in his burrow to keep warm. As winter comes to an end Mole is seen dancing with Mateless under a winter moon, until a pile of melting snow falls on them. Both also appear celebrating when Fox triumphs over the poachers, although this may be a mistake because the animals later do not know Mole had found a mate.

With his mate, Mole fathers a son, Mossy, and an unnamed daughter.

After reaching White Deer Park in Season 2, Badger and Mole are the first to encounter Lady Blue when she warns them to stay of her mate's land.


An old mole, he dies peacefully of cold during the savage winter of White Deer Park.

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