Mokpo Airport

Mokpo Airport

Mokpo Airport was an airport in Mokpo, South Korea . In 2006, 16,909 passengers utilized the airport. This airport was closed when Muan International Airport opened in Nov 2007.


Mokpo airport opened as a stopover between Seoul-Jeju in 1969 but closed in 1972. 20 years later, Mokpo airport opened again and several airplanes took off and landed. To Seoul 6 times, to Jeju twice, and to Busan once daily.

However, its glide is narrow and misty weather is quite often. Additionally, the customers were getting lessened after opening of Seohaean Expressway. Muan international airport opened in 11, 2007 and Gimpo-Mokpo was transferred to Muan. As a matter of fact, the role of Mokpo airport ended.

Accidents and incidents

  • On 26 July 1993, an Asiana Airlines Flight 733 B737-500 (HL7229) struck high ground in poor weather about four kilometres from the runway in Mokpo while it was making its third attempt at landing. 2 of the 6 crew members and 66 of the 110 passengers were killed.


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