Mokerang Airfield

Mokerang Airfield

Mokerang Airfield, was an airfield on the northwest tip of Los Negros Island, NNW of Momote Airfield.


Built by the Imperial Japanese at Mokerang Plantation shortly after Lorengau Airfield during World War II. Liberated during the Battle of Los Negros as part of the Admiralty Islands campaign.

The 836th Engineer Aviation Battalion constructed two runways of long x wide and overuns at each end, and the 104th Naval Construction Battalion and 46th Naval Construction Battalion built the taxiways and dispersal areas.

The runways had a bearing WNW/ESE 114 degrees/294 degrees Magnetic. A storage depot for 30,000 barrels of fuel was stockpiled at Mokerang.

The airfield was abandoned at the end of the war and has been reclaimed by vegetation.

Units Based at Mokerang


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