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Mohammedan SC (India)

Mohammedan Sporting Club, founded in 1891 at Kolkata, is one of the oldest and leading football clubs in India. The club currently plays in the first division of I-League and premier division of CFL.

Mohammedan Sporting is one of the most popular football clubs in India with a support base in all parts of the country.


The football history of India is replete with the tales of “The Big Three” Clubs of Calcutta, or rather of India. These three Clubs are Mohun Bagan AC, Mohammedan Sporting Club and East Bengal Club.

After their establishment in 1891, Mohammedan Sporting Club first tasted success when the won the Calcutta Football League in 1934 and then went on to create history by becoming the first Indian club to win the Calcutta Football League continuously for 5 yrs during 1934 to 1938. Again the club won the league in 1940 and 1941 along with the IFA Shield Championship. It was also the first Indian team to smash the monopoly of the British football teams in the Durand Cup, the oldest football tournament in India, when they became champions in the year 1941. The club became only the second Indian team after Bangalore Muslims to win the Rover’s Cup (Bombay) in 1940. It became the first Indian team to win the Du Mont Morency Cup (Lahore) in 1939.

Mohammedan Sporting Club got the opportunity to play in the First Division of Calcutta Football League in 1934. In the very first year itself, they created history by becoming the first Indian club to win the Calcutta Football League. They beat Dalhousie Club by 3 points in the league. In fact, they could have extended their run if they had chosen to play in the league in 1939.

The club won the IFA Shield for the first time in 1936 by beating "Calcutta Club" 2-1. The goal scores were Rashid (Junior) and Rahim.


One of the features of Islamic Culture is to have faith in religion(Islam). Therefore ,the Muslim community in Calcutta set up a new team to play football even before setting up of Mohun Bagan or Aryans. They founded "Jubilee Club" in 1887 under the leadership of Nawbab Aminul Islam. Then this name was changed into "Crescent Club". Cresect club's name again changed into "Hamidia Club". Finally this "Hamidia Club" came to be known as "Mohamedan Sporting Club" in 1891.

At the start, the financial condition of the club was poor. The elite Muslims patronised the "Muslim Institute" rather. MSC reamained in the darkness of poverty for a long time. They played 2 or 3 friendly matches and barely existed at the ground of Sealdah Kaiser Street. But Mohammedan Club represented common Muslims, the poor Muslims at that time. At the end of the 19th Century MSC went on to play in "Trades Cup" , but lost the match against "Hastings" But in the beginning of 20th Century, Mohammedan Sporting Club got the fortune. They acquired C.B.S school ground in "Maidan" with the help of Sayeed Anees Hossain Khan.Before 1930 ,MSC won "Koochbehar Cup" in 1902 ,1906, 1909.Later in 1947 and 1952 it also won this cup.In the 30's Former Hockey captain of this club S.A .Aziz took the responsibility of the club . He was a shrewd person.He knew that if MSC has to hold his position in the future ,it needed the common muslims support.Success in the football can get this.

As a result MSC got the 4th position in Second Division League,after East Bengal, E.B.R, Loyal Regiment.Next year they included the discarded Mohun Bagan playe Kale Khan and Hafiz Rashid. Aziz had great insight in football and high ambition.He appealed the players across India in the name of Islam, and this trick became hit.Most of the players came from Bangalore. Anwar of Quetta got the captaincy. Jumma khan came from the Front.From Bangaloe came Musha, Mohiuddin, and Rahamat (He was called "Magician" in the field). Aaqil Ahmed came from KalighatClub.Uncomparable Samad came from Rail.Now the adventure started.

MSC beat Dalhousie by 4 goals ,also derailed "Calcutta Club" by 3 goals but lost the match against East Bengal by 1-2 and drew with Mohun Bagan 1-1. Gradually Muslim people came into the ground to see MSC playing. In the second leg they beat East Bengal by 4-2,in the second half of this match MSC used the boot to counter rain-soaked ground. It is remarkable that MSC was the first Indian Club to use Boots. At the end of the league Mohammedan Sporting became first Indian club to win it, by taking 27 points out of 20 matches, 3 points clear from Dalhousie and Mohun Bagan. MB won the shield in 1911, during the next 30 years Indian Football has to endure the dominance of British Club, but MSC broke this tradition in its first appearance in the league.

As the Muslims lived a down-trodden life, they at least got something to cheer. They had now Mohammedan Sporting Club. Crowds poured into the tent and ground to watch them playing. MSC gradually became common Muslims aspirations. From then MSC represents not only the Bengal Muslims but also Muslims of India. Muslims across the country supported this club, it had got a huge popularity. MSC created an integration among Muslims. MSC became the entity against British oppression. The supporters of MSC sang "Mohammedan Sporting tumko lakho lakho salam, humlog desh ka badsha hua, aur sab hain gulam"

After this success now the Elite muslims came into football club. The members of MSC had been greatly increased. In 1901, the income of the club was Rs.80, now it reaches more than 1 lakh. In 1935 Rahim came from Vizag , he played for the replacement of Habib as the latter got injured. Rahim caught the attention of the public in his first appearance and eventually MSC lifted the league for the second time by defeating East Bengal 1-0. In 1936, MSC had the chance of winning the league for straight 3 in a row. They gathered Osman, the goal keeper from Delhi, besides Noor Mohammed, Nasim, Salim. This year they also became the league champion, with 2 points clear from Runners Up "Black Watch".MSC also won the IFA shield this year by beating Calcutta 2-1, goal scorers for MSC were Rashid (Junior) and Rahim.

In 1937 MSC again took the league with 6 points clear from East Bengal. MSC recorded 5th league title in a row after beating "Customs" 1-0. This was the biggest achievement of any Indian Football Club so far. This kind of dominance was never seen before in any sports.

In 1939, MSC along with E.B and Kalighat left IFA and formed BFA. Taking this opportunity MB won the league in 1939, but MSC again reinstated in 1940 and 1941, by beating MB and EB respectively. Now they got the league 8 times in 9 years.

Mohammedan Sporting Club has the distinction of winning the first Durand Cup. The Durand Cup is the oldest football tournament in India. MSC beat Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2-1. MSC also won the Rovers Cup in 1940. MSC won the IFA Shield in 1941 by beating "K.O.S.B" 2-0. Rashid and Sabu were goal scorers from MSC. In 1942 Mohammedan Sporting lifted IFA Shield for the third time after beating East Bengal 1-0 in the final. The winning goal came from Noor Mohammed (Senior).

The "Golden" players of this "Golden Era" of MSC were:- Osman, Goal Keeper, Jumma Khan (The Chinese Wall of Mohammedan Sporting Club) and Taj Mohammed in the back, Nasim, Noor Mohammed, Sabu, Mohiuddin, Masum,Aaqeel ali were first class players. Noor and Aaqeel were the best centre- half in Calcuttta Football. And in the strike zone there were Rahamat, Rahim, and Rashid, Samad, Noor Mohammed (Junior), Abbas, Rashid (Junior),Rahim and at the last but not least Bachhi Khan.

In the 5th decade of the 20th century, Mohammedan Sporting Club started the campaign with a bunch of valuable players like -Olympian Latif, Salim, Aziz, Nizamuddin, Babu jaan,Babu, Raman, Masud Fakri, Niyaz Ali, Aabid, Azam Jaan, Moin, Musa, Omar, Salauddin, ,Mohammed Ali, Rahamatulla, Fazlur Rahaman (G.K) and Ilyas(G.K).In 1956 MSC went on to win the "Rovers Cup" for the second time MSC beats MB 3-1 in the final.This Rovers Cup win paved the way again to get back those Golden Era.In 1957 ,MSC bagged the "Double" by winning both the League and IFA Shield. In the league ,MSCdefeated EB by a point and defeated Railway Sports 3-0 in IFA Shield Final. The Goal scorers from MSC were Sayeed Ahmed (2) and Omar.They also won the "Haren Mukhejee Shield" by defeating M.B 1-0 . The goal scorer was Omar. The team players were:- Abdulla(G.K),Mushtaq Ahmed, Salam in the back. Moin and Ahmed Hossain ,Rahamat Ali in the Half-back, Sayeed Ahmed ,Rahamatuall,Omar ,Yamani,and Saluddin. In the 5 th decade MSC was greatly served by Abdulla, Ahmed,Akhta,Bali, Rameswar, Babu ,Raman and Balan.

The next success came after exact 10 years later.Mohammedan Sporting Club won the Calcutta League in 1967 without losing a single match!They were the unbeaten champion and registered their10 th league title.MSC's centre forward Papnna scored 19 goals to become the highest goal scorer in that season.The captain of the

team was stopper John.

In the 6 th decade ,the well known players of MSC were:- Thangaraj, Sakil, Mushtafa, Mushtaq, Ahmed ,Kanaian,J oseph Papanna, Sujat,Altaf, Latif, Ramana,Sardar Khan, Mir Kashim, Sadatulla, Sukumar Sen, and the EB veteran Ahmed Khan.

In 1971 MSC won the IFA Sheild by defeating Tollygunje Agragami 2-0 in the final.The goal scorers were Akbar and Biman Lahiri.MSc won this IFA Shield without conceeding a goal.Goal keeper Zoha was exceptional in the Quarter Final match against Nedarsuchen (West Germany). The MSC team was formed by these players:- Sayeed Zoha (G.K), Montu Karamakar(Bikram Debnath), S.John, Altaf, Sukumar Sen, Anthony Ambrose, Latif,Biman Lahiri, Papanna, Sadatulla and Sardar Khan.

In the 8 th decade ,the success came at the beginning.MSC won the Calcutta League in 1981 with a point clear from MB.MSC was unbeaten champion in this 1981 league. This was the third time in the History of Mohammedan Sporting Club.The 1981 league was remarkable in the sense of contribution of a lot of Hindu

Players like :- Bhaskar Ganguli, Chinmay Chaterjee,Alok Mukhejee,Prasun Banerjee,Prasanta Banejee, Manas Bhattacharya, Bidesh Basu,Gouranga Banejee,Ranjit Mukherjee,Tapan Das, Uttam Majumdar,Kartick Seth,and Shibnath Barui.Before this Samaresh Choudhury and Surajit Sengupta also played.The captain of the team was Moidul Islam.

In 1983 Mohammedan Sporting Club won the Federation Cup for the first time by defeating Mohun Bagan 2-0. In the next year in 1984 MSC won the Federation Cup by defeating East Bengal 1-0. The goal scorer was Jamshed Nasiri.They also won the Nagzi Trophy,Nizam Gold Cup, Rovers Cup. In 1986,a match was postponed due to some reason.The President of MSC wrote a letter to the IFA. IFA thought it was very very objectionable, and it relegated MSC from the 1 st Division to the 2 nd Division of the league!!!!!!!!!!!But MSC answered IFA's hateful behaviour by coming in the next year again in the league and also won the Rovers Cup in 1987.This was the last major tournament won by MSC so far.

Team Management

Team Management Table
Name Position
M.J. Akbar Chairman
Mohammed Qamruddin Manager
Shabbir Ali Coach
Sultan Ahmed Club Secretary
Akbar Khan Club President
Samir Chakraborty Physio


Retained: Naseem Akhtar, Mir Farooq Hyder, Sheikh Azim, Subhas Mondal, Rajib Ghosh, Roque Barreto, Prasanta Chakraborty, Tapan Giri, A Jyothi Kumar, Mike Okoro

New: Gurpreet Singh, Sovan Chakraborty, Vanlal Rova, Vimal Pariyar (all East Bengal Club), Imran Khan, Chinmoy Sarkar (both Mohun Bagan AC), Theodore Sunday Wrobeh, Asim Das (both Chirag United SC), Mohan Chakraborty, Pradeep Tiwary (both Calcutta Port Trust), Satyajit Bose, Gautam Thakur (both George Telegraph SC, Calcutta), Vinu Jose (Churchill Brothers SC), Adebayo Tokunbo Adewusi (JCT), R Amla Francis Nova (Amity United FC, Haryana), Tharangachan (Indian National FC, Delhi), Tarak Roy (Peerless SC, Calcutta), Bijay Das (Eastern Railway SC, Calcutta), Kongreikham Duidang (Tiddim Road Athletic Union, Manipur), Devendra Joshi (Young Brother FC, Madhya Pradesh), Manas Barua, Mohammed Shahid

Left: Ayeni Bedemi Daniel, Rajib Ahmed, Avinash Thapa, Raman Vijayan (all Calcutta Port Trust), C Shameel, Mohammed Muneer KP, Shyju K, Mohammed Yasin Ansari (all Bengal Mumbai FC), Bijen Singh, Nirapada Mondal (both Salgaocar SC), Kalia Kulothungan (Mumbai FC), Basudeb Mondal (Chirag United SC), PT Somy (ONGC, Mumbai), Matthew Thangjom (Oil India Limited, Assam), Dipak Singh (Peerless SC, Calcutta), Pronoy Roy (Indian National FC, Delhi), Gautam Das (Railway FC, Calcutta), Prasoon R (Malabar United FC, Calicut)

Season 2008-09



1983, 1984

1986, 1996

1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1940, 1941, 1948, 1957, 1967, 1981


1936, 1941, 1942, 1957, 1971

1986, 1996



1971, 1984, 1991, 1992


1940, 1956, 1959, 1980, 1984, 1987

1958, 1961, 1964, 1980

1969,1970, 1985, 1986, 1991

1969, 1971, 1972, 1988, 2007




Performance in AFC competitions

1992/93: First Round

Highesr Goal Scorers in CFL

Rashid Khan(16) in 1935 Calcutta League. Rahim(18) in 1938 Calcutta League. Bechan(21) in 1948 Calcutta League. Abid Hussein(13) in 1955 Calcutta League. Abid Hussein(25) in 1956 Calcutta League. Papanna(20) in 1967 Calcutta League. Akbar(20) in 1975 Calcutta League. Latifuddin(22)in 1976 Calcutta League. Sabbir Ali(12) in 1979 Calcutta League. Manas Bhattacharya(18) in 1981 Calcutta League. Sabbir Ali(12) in 1983 Calcutta League. Chibujor(13) in 1988 Calcutta League.


As its homeground, the club boasts of the enigmatic Yuba Bharati Krirangan, or the Salt Lake Stadium, Asia's biggest composite stadium. It is the biggest of its kind in Asia. The Salt Lake Stadium has seating arrangement for 120,000 people at a time.


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