Mohamed Nasheed

Mohamed Nasheed

Mohamed Nasheed Keneryge Male (Dhivehi: މުހައްމަދު ނަޝީދު) (b. May 17, 1967), commonly referred to in the Maldives as Anni, former Parliament member for Malé, is a founder, the former chairman, and the presidential candidate of the Maldivian Democratic Party and an outspoken critic of the Maldivian President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and his policies. Due to his criticism of the government, over the years he was arrested and sentenced several times. He was made an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience in 1991 when he was being held in prison for writing for the popular political magazine known as "Sangu". On April 8, 1992 he was sentenced to three years in prison for "withholding information". He was released in June 1993 and was re-arrested in 1994 and 1995. In 1996 he was sentenced to two years imprisonment for an article he had written.

In 2000, he was elected as a member of the parliament representing the people of Malé. Six months later, in 2001 he was tried and sentenced to two and half years banishment for the theft of unspecified "government property" from H. Velaanaage - the former residence of former president Ibrahim Nasir. Supporters of Nasheed believe that it was a fabricated charge against him motivated by political desires. This was later proved to be so, when Dhivehiobserver (of Ahmed Shafeeq Ibrahim Moosa) published a leaked letter, sent by then Minister of Construction and Public Works Umar Zahir to the former Minister of Defence (and now High Commissioner to Delhi) Anbaree Abdul Sattar. The letter, dated on October 31, 2001, was published on the website on October 10, 2005. According to this letter, Nasheed did take some files from the residence which were about to be destroyed as they were of no value to the government. According to Umar Zahir there was no restricted area for the public in the residence. In his letter Umar Zahir stated "Later that day I did check the storage place from which Mohamed Nasheed apparently took that material. There was nothing there that could be of use. There remained only old written materials and books. Those things have now been burned."

In November 2003, Nasheed left the Maldives and joined Mohamed Latheef to help establish the Maldivian Democratic Party, in exile, in Sri Lanka and the UK. He was recognized as a political refugee by the British government in 2004. After about 18 months in self-proclaimed exile, Nasheed returned to Malé on April 30, 2005.

After returning to the Maldives he began promoting MDP before it was officially recognized by the Government. With the decision to allow political parties in the Maldives, on June 2, 2005 and the official recognition of the MDP's existence, Nasheed accelerated his support campaigns for the party. He made several trips to the Atolls, and neighbouring countries on behalf of the party.

On August 12, 2005, Nasheed was arrested again when he was sitting in the center of the Republican Square, with supporters of MDP, to mark the second anniversary of the Black Friday. His arrest provoked a civil unrest in Malé and some other Atolls. After his arrest acting Government Spokesman Mohamed Hussain Shareef told reporters Nasheed had been detained for "his own safety." Contradictorily, on August 22, 2005, the state announced Nasheed is to be charged for terrorism under the Terrorism Act.

1. Family Name: Nasheed First Name: Mohamed

2. Date of Birth 17 May 1967

3. City of Birth: Male

4. Country of Birth: Maldives

5. Nationality: Maldives Second Nationality (if any): None

6. Marital Status: Married

Permanent Address: G.Kenereege, Neeloafaru Hingun, Male, Maldives

Education 7. John Moore’s University – Liverpool, United Kingdom Oct 1984 - Jul 1989 Maritime Studies (BA)

8. Dautsey’s School, Wiltshire, United Kingdom Aug 1982 -May 1984 Higher Secondary Education: Advance Level Certificate

9. Overseas Children’s School, Colombo, Sri Lanka Aug 1981 -May 1982 Secondary Education: Ordinary Level Certificate

10. Majeediyya School January 1971 – August 1981

''' Employment/Profession

Maldivian Democratic Party's Presidential Candidate (elected) April 14 2007- Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)

11. National Chairperson (elected) 20 December 2005 – 20 February 2008 Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) G.Bamboo, Daisy Magu , Male, Maldives Tel: (960) 334 0044, Fax: (960) 332 2960

12. Chairperson (elected) 29 January 2005 – 20 December 2005 Temporary Governing Council, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)

13. Temporary Governing Council Member (elected) Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) 14 February 2004 – 29 January 2005

14. One of the Founding-members of MDP in exile in Sri Lanka 10 November 2003

15. One of 42 Signatories for registration of MDP 27 February 2001

16. Historical researcher Oriental Academic Centre (OAC), August 2002 - September 2003 Oriental Academic Centre, H.Madarusa Doshuge, Male, Maldives

Publication of 3 books: Enme Jaleel – a historical novel; Dandikoshi – genealogy of the leading families of Male’; A Historical Overview of Dhivehi Polity 1800-1900.

Preparation of one manuscript: Maldives in Armour: Internal Feuding and Anglo-Dhivehi Relations 1800-1900

17. Member of Parliament (MP) for Male’ Constituency 28 February 2000 – 2002

18. Businessman 1997 - 1999 Safari Tours Pvt Ltd, Male’, Maldives

19. Weekly Columnist 1994 The Island, Colombo, Sri Lanka Writing a weekly column that focused on issues of governance and human rights.

20. Journalist Jan 1990 – May 1990 Sangu Magazine, Male, Maldives

21. Administrative Officer 1989 – 1991 Ministry of Transport, Male, Maldives


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