Mock Orange (band)


Mock-orange (Philadelphus; also Mockorange, Mock Orange, Syringa) is a genus of about 60 species of shrubs from 1 to 6 m tall, native to North America, Central America, Asia and (locally) in southeast Europe. Most are deciduous but a few species from the south of the genus' range are evergreen. The leaves are opposite, simple, with serrated margins, from 1 to 14 cm long.

The flowers are white, with four petals and sepals, 1-4 cm diameter, and commonly (but not in all species) sweetly scented. The fruit is a small capsule, containing numerous small seeds. The bark is thin and flaky, finely shredding in longitudinal strips.

Mock-oranges are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including The Engrailed.

Lewis' Mock-orange is the state flower of Idaho.

Mock-oranges are popular shrubs in parks and gardens, grown for their reliable display of late spring flowers; the scented species are particularly valued. In addition to the species, there are numerous garden origin hybrids and cultivars available.


  • Philadelphus argenteus - Silver Mock-orange (California, Baja California)
  • Philadelphus argyrocalyx - Silver-Cup Mock-orange (New Mexico)
  • Philadelphus brachybotrys - Mock-orange (southeast China)
  • Philadelphus californicus - California Mock-orange (California)
  • Philadelphus caucasicus - Caucasus Mock-orange (Caucasus)
  • Philadelphus confusus - Piper's Mock-orange (California, Washington)
  • Philadelphus cordifolius - Heartleaf Mock-orange (California)
  • Philadelphus coronarius - Sweet Mock-orange (southeast Europe)
  • Philadelphus coulteri - Coulter's Mock-orange (northwest Mexico)
  • Philadelphus crinitus - Hairy or Trans-pecos Mock-orange (west Texas)
  • Philadelphus delavayi - Delavay's Mock-orange (southwest China)
  • Philadelphus ernestii - Canyon Mock-orange (southwest U.S.)
  • Philadelphus floridus - Florida Mock-orange (Florida, Georgia)
  • Philadelphus gattingeri - Gattinger's Mock-orange (Tennessee)
  • Philadelphus hirsutus - Streambank Mock-orange (southeast US)
  • Philadelphus hitchcockianus - Hitchcock Mock-orange (Texas, New Mexico)
  • Philadelphus incanus - Mock-orange (Hubei, Shaanxi)
  • Philadelphus inodorus - Scentless Mock-orange (US)
  • Philadelphus insignis - Summer Mock-orange (California, Oregon)
  • Philadelphus intectus - Mock-orange (southeast US)
  • Philadelphus kansuensis - Evergreen Mock-orange (northwest China)
  • Philadelphus karwinskyanus - Evergreen Mock-orange (Mexico)
  • Philadelphus laxiflorus - Mock-orange (Gansu, Hubei, Shaanxi)
  • Philadelphus lewisii - Lewis's Mock-orange (western North America)
  • Philadelphus maculatus - Spotted Mock-orange (Arizona)
  • Philadelphus madrensis - Desert Mountain Mock-orange (southwest US)
  • Philadelphus mearnsii - Mearns' Mock-orange (Texas, New Mexico)
  • Philadelphus mexicanus - Mexican Mock-orange (Mexico, Guatemala)
  • Philadelphus microphyllus - Littleleaf Mock-orange (southwest US)
  • Philadelphus occidentalis - Western Mock-orange (western North America)
  • Philadelphus oreganus - Oregon Mock-orange (Oregon)
  • Philadelphus palmeri - Palmer's Mock-orange (southwest US)
  • Philadelphus pekinensis - Beijing Mock-orange (northern China)
  • Philadelphus pubescens - Hoary Mock-orange (southeast US)
  • Philadelphus pumilus - Dwarf Mock-orange (California)
  • Philadelphus purpurascens - Mock-orange (southwest China)
  • Philadelphus satsumanus - Downy Japanese Mock-orange (Japan)
  • Philadelphus satsumi - Japanese Mock-orange (Japan)
  • Philadelphus schrenkii - Schrenk's Mock-orange (northeast China, Korea, southeast Russia)
  • Philadelphus sericanthus - Mock-orange (Sichuan, Hubei)
  • Philadelphus serpyllifolius - Littleleaf or Thymeleaf Mock-orange (southern US, Mexico)
  • Philadelphus sharpianus - Sharp's Mock-orange (Tennessee, Missouri)
  • Philadelphus subcanus - Mock-orange (southwest China)
  • Philadelphus tenuifolius - Slender-leaf Mock-orange (Korea, southeast Russia)
  • Philadelphus texensis - Texas Mock-orange (Texas)
  • Philadelphus tomentosus - Fuzzy Mock-orange (Himalaya)
  • Philadelphus trichothecus - Columbian Mock-orange (British Columbia, northwest US)
  • Philadelphus triflorus - Himalayan Mock-orange (Himalaya)
  • Philadelphus wootonii - Wooton's Mock-orange (New Mexico)
  • Philadelphus zelleri - Zeller's Mock-orange (Washington)

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