Mixed drink supplies

Mixed drink supplies

Mixed drink supplies are the various components that are used to create mixed drinks.


Mixed drinks are served in drinkware, usually some type of glassware drinking vessel. Many glasses are named after popular drinks served in a specific style of glass (e.g., old fashioned glass, collins glass, Champagne flute, etc.). Not all drinkware is made of glass, though. Beer steins are often made of stoneware, and some hot mixed drinks, like Irish coffee may be served in ceramic mugs.


In alcoholic mixed drinks, distilled beverages (e.g., vodka, gin, and whiskey and fermented beverages (e.g., beer, wine, and sake) form the base of the drink.


Alcoholic or not, mixed drinks incorporate some type of drink mixer, which adds sweet or sour tones (e.g., simple syrup, sour mix, and grenadine), carbonation (e.g., soda or seltzer water), or a combination of both (e.g., sodapop and tonic water). Fruit juices, dairy products, coffee, tea, and several other beverages are used, too.


While certainly not required, a cocktail garnish adds a festive touch to any mixed drink. Generally, the more fruit flavors in a drink, the more festively the drink is garnished. More traditional drinks (e.g., martini, whiskey sour, or godfather), the more conservatively a drink is garnished. Many non-alcoholic mixed drinks (like punches) may not be garnished at all, unless they are "virgin" (non-alcoholic) versions of traditional cocktails.

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