Mixed Doubles (Frasier)

Mixed Doubles (Frasier episode)

"Mixed Doubles" is the sixth episode in season 4 of American sitcom Frasier.

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

Plot outline

Daphne comes home after a date with her boyfriend Joe, reveals calmly that they have broken up, then bursts into tears. Niles is extremely eager to comfort her, but is prevented from doing so by Frasier, Martin and, when she enters the apartment, Roz. As Roz takes Daphne out to comfort her, Niles decides to tell Daphne how he feels about her. Frasier, over a brandy, persuades Niles to wait for a day in order to consider it. The next day, Niles arrives at the apartment with a large bouquet of flowers and some high hopes, which are unfortunately dashed; the previous night Daphne met a man called Rodney at a singles bar, whom she intends to go out with. Niles is despondent, but determined not to let it get him down, and asks Roz to take him to the same singles bar, where he meets a woman called Adelle. When the family meet Rodney, it soon becomes apparent (and a source of hilarity to Frasier and Martin) that he is in almost every way a dopplegänger of Niles, and neither Daphne nor Niles seem to realise it. However, as Frasier and Niles discover later when they see him in Café Nervosa with Adelle, he is not quite the perfect gentleman that Daphne assumes.

Episode title cards

  • Where everybody knows her name
  • Staremaster

Memorable Quotations

Niles and Frasier use Martin's telescope to spy on another apartment – to admire their furniture
Martin: You do know that what you're doing isn't right, don't you?
Frasier: We're simply admiring a very rare Brancusi armchair, not a naked woman.
Martin: That's what I'm talking about.

Roz is comforting Daphne after her break-up, in a way only she knows how
Roz: Now, Daphne, if the jewellery wasn't that good and the sex wasn't that good, what have you really lost here?
Frasier: Dr. Roz wades in with the Gabor approach to therapy!

Daphne: Last night, Roz insisted on taking me to this bar she calls “The Sure Thing”.
Frasier: How flattering! They've named a bar after her.


Rodney is made to bear a remarkable resemblance to Niles. Niles catches on when Rodney asks for his coffee with "Just a dollop of foam, such as might give the impression of a cumulus cloud reflected over a still pond", a phrase originally used by Niles.

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