Mtisikeli (Greek: Μιτσικέλι), older forms: Mitsikelio and Mitsikelion is also a mountain range in the central portion of the mountain are in Epirus in Greece. The mountain is located northeast of Ioannina. Its peaks stand over 1,810 m.

The GR-6 (Larissa - Trikala - Ioannina - Thesprotia) or the old road is to the sotu with several curvy roads near Demati, the GR-20 (Kozani - Konitsa - Ioannina_ is to the west as well as a secondary road to the north. Its length is approximately 25 to 35 km from northwest to southeast and its width is approximately 15 km from southwest ot northeast. A stream is to its north. The famous Perama Caves or Peramatos is to the southwest.

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Forests dominate the low lying areas of the mountain and contains pine and spruce trees, the valley areas, grasslands, bushes and unvegetated portions dominate the higher elevations. The area around the mountain contains villages and forest roads as well as hiking trails. Two roads surround the mountains. The mountaintop is to the southeast.

Mitsikeli features a telecommunications tower built in the 1960s receiving radio and television to the central part of the Ioannina prefecture. It also features a cellular tower with the Ioannina Wireless Network.


Its panorama includes the mountains to the north including Tymfi, the Pindus mountain tas well as Lakmos to the east, more to the south including Xerovouni, Lake Pamvotis and Ioannina to the southwest and more to the west including Mourgkana. It also views the valley to the west.

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