Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Mississippi Public Broadcasting is the public broadcasting network in Mississippi, United States. Owned by the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television, it holds the licenses for all of the PBS and NPR stations in the state.

Mississippi was a relative latecomer to public broadcasting. WMAA-TV began operating in Jackson as the first-ever public broadcasting station in the state. The inaugural broadcast took place in summer 1970. The initial broadcast written by Jeanne Lucket, produced and directed by Mims Wright, then Director of Public Affairs at WLBT. This made Mississippi the last state east of the Mississippi River to start public television service within its own borders. Before then, the only portions of the state to get a clear signal from a PBS station were the northwest (from Memphis' WKNO-TV) and the Gulf Coast (from New Orleans' WYES-TV and Mobile's WEIQ). Six other stations signed on over the next few years, and the network became known as Mississippi Educational Television, or simply ETV. Public radio was even later in arriving in the state, in 1984. Eventually, Public Radio in Mississippi expanded to eight stations throughout the state.

In 2005, MAET adopted "Mississippi Public Broadcasting" as an umbrella on-air name for all television and radio operations.

MPB Television

Station City of license Channels
First air date Call letters
Facility ID Transmitter Coordinates
WMPN-TV1 Jackson 29 (UHF)
20 (UHF)
February 1, 1970 Mississippi
966 kW
400 kW
466 m
482 m
WMAH-TV Biloxi 19 (UHF)
16 (UHF)
January 14, 1972 1593 kW
150 kW
476.3 m
477 m
WMAE-TV Booneville 12 (VHF)
55 (UHF)
August 11, 1974 100 kW
1000 kW
226 m
227 m
WMAU-TV Bude 17 (UHF)
18 (UHF)
January 14, 1972 647.3 kW
1000 kW
339.9 m
341 m
WMAO-TV Greenwood 23 (UHF)
25 (UHF)
September 15, 1972 580.9 kW
625 kW
317 m
317 m
WMAW-TV Meridian 14 (UHF)
44 (UHF)
January 14, 1972 582.3 kW
880 kW
364.8 m
369 m
WMAB-TV Mississippi State 2 (VHF)
10 (VHF)
July 4, 1971 100 kW
4.3 kW
379 m
349 m
WMAV-TV Oxford 18 (UHF)
36 (UHF)
May 19, 1972 1100 kW
225 kW
420.1 m
421 m

  • 1. WMPN-TV used the callsign WMAA-TV from its 1970 sign-on until 1990.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting also operates two translator stations: W45AA in Columbia and W47BP in Hattiesburg.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting has also operated a microwave-relay station KMZ 77 for many years. This special microwave station has been used as a studio-to-transmitter link (STL) for WMPN-TV in Jackson. During the weekly signoff message (formerly nightly signoff message), KMZ 77 would be mentioned following the technical specifications of WMPN-TV. KMZ 77 was also mentioned in the same manner during the time prior to 1990 when WMPN-TV carried the call sign of WMAA-TV. Each station in the network and KMZ 77 would be identified in the network's signoff message as being owned and operated by the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television.

Although the FCC apparently granted MPB a permit to build WMAA-DT, a digital-only station near Columbus, MPB has stated there are currently no plans or funding to build the station.

MPB Radio

MPB Radio can be listened to online via a Windows Media format.

  • Jackson: WMPN 91.3
  • Biloxi: WMAH 90.3
  • Booneville: WMAE 89.5
  • Bude: WMAU 88.9
  • Greenwood: WMAO 90.9
  • Meridian: WMAW 88.1
  • Mississippi State: WMAB 89.9
  • Oxford: WMAV 90.3

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