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The Miss Kansas USA pageant is a competition that selects the representative for the state of Kansas in the Miss USA pageant.

Kansas did not place at Miss USA until 1973, the third-to-last state to make their first placement. From then, no delegate from Kansas made the cut until 1991, when Kelli McCarty won the crown. McCarty's win makes Wichita, Kansas the only state to host one Miss USA and Miss Teen USA to win in their home state. In 1992 the state joined the Vanbros group, which led to a surge in placements in the 1990s and early 2000s. This included two first runners-up, one second runner-up, one third runner-up and one fourth runner-up, among others. All but two of Kansas' nine placements have been runners-up.

Three former Miss Kansas Teen USAs went on to win the Miss title, and also two Miss Missouri USAs (Missouri is also a Vanbros state).

Results summary



  • Best State Costume: Tavia Shackles (1993)
  • Most Beautiful Eyes: Tavia Shackles (1993)
  • Best in Swimsuit: Danielle Boatwright (1996)


Year Name Hometown Age1 Placement at Miss USA Special awards at Miss USA Notes
2008 Michelle Gillespie Mission Hills 22
2007 Cara Gorges Clearwater 19 2nd runner-up
2006 Ashley Aull Lansing 20
2005 Rachel Saunders Tonganoxie 21
2004 Lisa Forbes Overland Park 22 Later Miss Earth USA 2007, USA representative to Miss Earth 2007.
2003 Alicia Cabrera Leawood 23
2002 Lindsay Douglas Lawrence 23 1st Runner-up
2001 Kristie Knox Hutchinson 25
2000 Tiffany Meyer Lawrence 23 3rd Runner-up Previously Miss Missouri Teen USA 1994 and finished 5th at Miss Teen USA 1994, 2nd runner up at Miss Oktoberfest 2001 as Miss Missouri
1999 Amanda Carraway Previously Miss Kansas Teen USA 1996
1998 Cammie Morisseau
1997 Kathryn Taylor Overland Park 24
1996 Danielle Boatwright Tonganoxie 20 1st Runner-up Best in Swimsuit Previously Miss Kansas Teen USA 1992 2nd runner up at Miss Teen USA 1992, sports broadcaster and winner of Survivor: Guatemala
1995 Deborah Daulton Salina
1994 Carol Hovenkamp Semi-finalist
1993 Tavia Shackles Shawnee 2nd Runner-up Best State Costume & Most Beautiful Eyes Award Previously Miss Missouri Teen USA 1990 and top 12 at Miss Teen USA 1990
1992 Kimberlee Girrens Wichita 4th Runner-up Previously Miss Kansas Teen USA 1986
1991 Kelli McCarty Liberal Winner Top 6 finalist at Miss Universe 1991
Starred as Beth Wallace in the NBC show Passions
1990 Rebecca Porter
1989 Nancy Burris
1988 Cynthia Decker
1987 Martina Castle Overland Park
1986 Audra Ockerman Wichita
1985 Jill Denzin Leawood
1984 Elizabeth Johnson Prairie View
1983 Renee Ruch Mission
1982 Stefani Larson Overland Park
1981 Missy Kaser Wichita
1980 Lisa Boyd
1979 Linda Shields
1978 Mary Bell
1977 Sherry Brane
1976 Deborah Vitera
1975 Robbin Loomas
1974 Lorraine Breckenridge
1973 Brenda Kopmeyer Semi-finalist
1972 Mona Guesnier
1971 Nancy Bishop
1970 Norma Decker
1969 Molly McGugin
1968 Anne Layton
1967 Regina Wolfe
1966 Pat Ravenscroft
1965 Linda Bergsten
1964 Barbara Ford
1963 Diane Stoker
1962 Linda Light
1961 Dixie Cook
1960 Peggy Patterson
1955-59 No Representative
1954 Sue Ravencroft
1953 No Representative
1952 Betty Renick
1 Age at the time of the Miss USA pageant

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