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Miss Dominican Republic Universe 1993

Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2008

The Miss República Dominicana Universo 2008 pageant will be held on December 3, 2007. This year only 9 candidates are competing for the national crown. The chosen winner will represent the Dominican Republic at the Miss Universe 2008 . The first runner up will enter in Miss Reina Hispanoamerica 2008. The second runner up will enter in Miss Continente Americano 2008. The third runner up will enter in Miss Carribean 2009. The fourth runner up will enter in Miss Global Cities 2008. The fifth runner up will enter in Miss Globe International 2008. The sixth runner up will enter in Miss Bikini International 2009.The seventh runner up will enter in Miss Asia Pacific 2009.The eight runner up will enter in Miss Leisure 2009.


Order Place of other Delegates

Special awards


Province, Community Contestant Age Height Hometown
Com. Dom. EU Jennifer Peña García 23 5'11 Hartford
Distrito Nacional Yadira Geara Cury 22 6’1 Los Minas
Duarte Adriana Rosal Hidalgo 19 5'9 San Francisco de Macorís
Espaillat Yaritza Camacho Camacho 20 6'0 Moca
Hermanas Mirabal Marianne Elizabthe Cruz González 23 5'11 Salcedo
La Romana Mariel Isabel Sabogal Cruz 22 6'0 La Romana
Monseñor Nouel Katherine Escaño Cabrera 20 5'10 Sabana del Puerto
Puerto Plata Eliana Alexandra Santana Arias 18 6'2 San Felipe de Puerto Plata
Santo Domingo Claudia Marie García Vidal 25 5’11 Santo Domingo Norte


  • Marianne Cruz competed in Miss Dominican Republic Pageant in 2007 to represent Dominican Republic in Miss Universe 2007, placing 1st finalist against Massiel Taveras.
  • Yadira Geara Cury placed 3rd finalist in Miss Dominican Rep. 2003, where Larimar Fiallo won, representing Dominican Rep. in Miss Universe 2004.
  • Katherine Escaño was highly affected on the pageant when she was asked with which character of history she felt identified, and she said Juan P. Duarte because he discovered Hispanic-America. The nex days after the contest, she appeared on every newspaper in jokes and articles against her, saying that wa embarrasing
  • When Marianne Cruz won, controversy came because people said this was fixed.
  • Massiel Taveras lasted less than a year as a queen.
  • The pageant was critiziced because it was done at a TV studio, had bad hostesses, and had only 8 contestants.

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