Miss Bikini World Hungary

Miss Bikini World Hungary

Miss Bikini World Hungary is a national beauty contest for Miss Bikini World.


  • 2006 The pageant started, and the national winner won the Miss Bikini World 2006 title.
  • 2007 The pageant wasn't held.
  • In 2008 the pageant will be held on 19 July.

Pageant system

List of winners

Year Miss Bikini World Hungary Result in Miss Bikini World
2007 wasn't held
2006 Anita Horvath winner 2006

Pageant result year by year

Statistics on Miss Bikini World

As of 2007
Number of pageants 1
Miss Bikini World winner 1
1st runner-up 0
2nd runner-up 0
Finalist 0
Semi-finalist 0
Number of special awards 0


Name Miss Universe Hungary Miss World Hungary Miss Hungary Miss Balaton Miss Tourism World Hungary Miss Bikini World Hungary Belle of the Anna-ball
Jazmin Dammak winner 1999 1st runner-up 2007
Szilvia Magony winner 2000 winner 2006 winner 2000
Noemi Olah 1st runner-up 2006 winner 2005
Adrienn Bende winner 2006 1st runner-up 2005

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