Mirwais Khan Hotak

Mir Wais Hotak

Mir Wais Khan Hotak (1673-1715) was a Pashtun tribal chief of the Ghilzai clan from Kandahar, who founded the Hotaki dynasty that ruled Persia from 1722 to 1729.


Mir Wais Khan was the son of Muhammad Bakir, from whom he inherited leadership of one of the Ghilzai clans. He had visited the Persian court and understood their military weaknesses. The Pastun tribes rankled under the ruling Safavids because of their continued attempts to convert the Pashtun from Sunni to Shia Islam. In 1709, Mir Wais organized militia forces against Gurgin Khan, the Georgian governor of the city who ruled in the name of the Persian Safavid Shah. Gurgin Khan was killed, and the Hotakis took control of the city. Then, Mir Wais successfully defeated a large Persian army, sent to regain control over the area. Mir Wais remained in power until his death in 1715 and was succeeded by his son Mir Mahmud Hotaki, who took advantage of the political weakness of the Persian Shahs and conquered the eastern Persian Empire, while the Ottomans took the west.


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