Miriam Florence (Folline) Leslie

Miriam Florence (Folline) Leslie

Leslie, Miriam Florence (Folline), c.1836-1914, American publisher, b. New Orleans. She became editor of Frank Leslie's Lady's Journal in 1871 and married Leslie in 1874. After his death she skillfully managed the business, bringing it out of debt. She leased it to a syndicate in 1895, but in 1898 was again obliged to take charge to save it. She wrote several books, including Rents in Our Robes (1888) and Are Men Gay Deceivers? (1893). She was an ardent feminist and gave much of her fortune to that cause.

See biography by M. B. Stern (1953).

Miriam Leslie (1828-1914) was an American publisher and author, born in New Orleans.

Born Miriam Florence Folline, she was a descendant of a noble Huguenot family, from which she took the title late in life, Baroness de Bazus. She began her career and was married four times. She left her second huband, the anthropologist Ephraim Squier to marry publisher Frank Leslie. When he died in 1880, leaving his business badly involved, she took it in hand and put it on a paying basis, even going so far as to having her name legally changed to Frank Leslie. She later effected a reorganization of the business, and became its president. The circulation of the Popular Monthly increased 200,000 in four months under her management.

In 1902 she sold out all her publishing interests. While abroad in 1891, Mrs. Leslie married William Wilde, a brother of Oscar Wilde, but two years later was divorced from him. She was also supposed to have been married several times before meeting Mr. Leslie.

By her will she made Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt residuary legatee, in the expectation that most of her fortune would be devoted to woman suffrage. Relatives contested the will.

She was the author of:

  • From Gotham to the Golden Gate (1877)
  • Rents in our Robes (1888)
  • Are Men Gay Deceivers? and Other Sketches (1893)
  • A Social Mirage (1899)


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