Miniara (منياره) (also transliterated Manyara) is a village in the Mouhafazah of Akkar, North Lebanon, 9 kilometers east of the Mediterranean Sea, and 3 kilometers south of Halba. The population is between 3000 and 4000. Miniara is the birth place of Ibrahim beik El-Sarraf, the first member of the Lebanese parliament to represent the Christian seat of Akkar when Lebanon was still a French Mandate.

Many people originating from this village now reside in Tripoli, Beirut, other Lebanese regions or abroad.

The mayor is Toni Naim Abboud, who has won the municipality for two terms in a row.


Miniara is close to the coast and close to the mountains. The plains (Sahel) of Miniara are well known for their fertile land where vineyards and vegetables are grown in plentitude.

Social life

The population is culturally diverse. Most people are Christians, but of several different denominations. Jehovah's Witnesses are the most numerous and Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholics and Baptists are also present.

Also known as the village that started other villages off, in terms of, teaching about clothing, food, and fashion, Miniara is a relatively wealthy village.

One is from the village of Manyara villages free of illiteracy, replete with intellectuals and holders of advanced degrees, high restaurants and summer festivals and concerts organized and sponsored by the municipality Manyara, and the municipality of Manyara is one of the best municipalities have made a lot of projects and rehabilitation of physical infrastructure and the establishment of a garden General and playgrounds for children and a lot of projects that serve the citizen and these achievements have been achieved under the supervision of the President, Mr. Mayor Anton Abboud, Manyara abound in growing olives and citrus and grapevines of the most important products Shopping Spree olive oil, ethnicity and wine in addition to a number of other products from Manyara Lebanese villages are characterized as a distinctive destination for all surrounding villages to seek knowledge and culture, needs and buying pleasure, which in Hadiiqtma and eliminate Night Life and the holidays in the restaurants, and had the first President, Mr. Mayor Anton Abboud prominent attention to improving the conditions of the village on the service and cultural might Mayor sought to provide security, and highlight the civilized face of Manyara, through many construction projects.

Families of Miniara

El-Sarraf (ٱلصرّاف): Fouad Ibrahim Sarraf was the mayor of Miniara from the mid 1960's to mid 1990's. During the civil war years, Miniara's council under the leadership of Fouad Ibrahim Sarraf remained functional to the extent possible where most other councils in Lebanon dissolved under political and military pressure. Dr Yacoub Sarraf was a former Minister for Health and member of parliament for several terms beginning in 1943 until 1972 when Franjieh came to power. Dr Riad Sarraf was a member of parliament for two terms, 1992-1996. Yacoub Riad Sarraf was the former Governor of Beirut and Mount-Lebanon for several years, was the Minister of Environment from July 2005 to July 2008 and was the acting Minister of Defence during the absence of Elias Murr. Refer to Yacoub Riad Sarraf's wiki page for his political story and affiliation.

Bahliss: Yaacoub Bahliss was a first doctor in Akkar, Bassim Bahliss was the president for the education government center in north Lebanon, he wrote lots of books and he is well known for his enormous favours that he has done for a lot of people. General Bahige Bahliss was from the first officers of the Lebanese army when it was created, he has very important positions nationwide and international such as being president for the International Civil Defense. Nowadays there is Doctor Nizar Bahliss, a cancer professor that was awarded the best cancer researcher in North America in 2004. The Bahliss family is well known for their education and public relations.

Another major family in the village is Saoud. A very big and known family that was a political rival to the Sarraf family for over a century. The Sarraf family tried for year to limit their important role in the region without succeeding.

Miniara has many prominent families such as Ayoub, Naous, Kafrouni, Hiar, Rabahi, Melhem, Mansour, Bourdoukan, Sabbagh, Toulany, Farah etc. All of these families contributed to the modernisation of Miniara.


The literacy rate in Miniara is relatively high. The majority of Miniara's teenage population is either in high school or has completed high school.

Miniara stands to be one of the most backward towns in terms of education. The region (Akkar) where Miniara is proud to be located is one of the poorest and less educated in the country. People in Miniara are very ignorant and still follow old traditions that began almost 500 years ago. Each person who lives in the village is proud to have a doctorate in ignorance.

Miniara has both private and public schools.

Private Schools

  • Miniara Protestant School
  • Saint Joseph's College
  • Saint Joseph's School
  • Miniara Russian School

Public Schools

  • Miniara Female Public School

Reda Ibrahim Sarraf (died 18-07-2007) was the previous Principal and served for over 50 years. Her record of dedication is unrivaled, exemplary and noteworthy.

  • Miniara Boys Public School


Students choose career paths such as teaching, army personnelle, doctors, lawyers and engineers. The majority of young students of Miniara prefer to study overseas (most likely USA, Australia or Canada) because of the unstable political situation in Lebanon. A large percentage of individuals prefer to work in the Arab countries after graduation.



Completed in the region of Akkar, the first project of twinning between municipalities Manyara - Akar, and Karatagina - Colombia, one of the major municipalities in Colombia. The mayor Manyara Antoine Abboud, "This twinning cover all areas, including: development, health projects, cultural, social reconstruction and others. He added:" This twinning will contribute to the process of improving and developing the performance of the municipality Manyara, especially after the discounts, which affected the municipalities of Akkar, Including Mayor Manyara, which impacted negatively on municipal work, "indicating" that this is the first municipality in the Akkar region, which completed twinning with foreign municipality, thanks to expatriates in Colombia of Lebanese origin of the Akkar region.


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