Minden Tahoe Airport

Minden-Tahoe Airport

Minden-Tahoe Airport is a general aviation airport serving the Carson Valley in Douglas County, including the towns of Minden, Gardnerville and Genoa, Nevada. Situated 4 miles (6 km) north of Minden, the airport has three active runways, a long (100 foot wide) main runway and a long (75 foot wide) secondary runway, and a dedicated sailplane runway. The airport is home to the Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center and regional firefighting air tanker base.

At the airport

The airport is considered a mecca for soaring, and many North American and world records have been flown out of Minden in the many gliders that it hosts.

Gliders are usually towed to altitudes of 1000-2000 ft over the airport, and they are often able to make out and return flights to the White Mountains, Owens Valley, and Eastern Nevada, often covering distances of over .

During the Winter months, the famous Sierra mountain wave can carry gliders well over , with the Minden record well over .

A recent mid-air collision near the Pine Nuts range between a glider and a small jet at has heightened the awareness for all airplanes flying in the area that both types of aircraft need to watch out for each other.

The airport is currently undergoing an expansion plan where glider operations will be moved to the East Side of the airport, thus preserving as a treasure the beautiful sport of gliding.


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