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Chen Yi (composer)

Chen Yi (; b. Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, April 4, 1953) is a Chinese composer of contemporary classical music. She was the first Chinese woman to receive a Master of Arts (M.A.) in music composition from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. She is also a violinist.

Chen grew up in Guangzhou, China, into a talented family. Her parents were doctors and musicians; her mother played the piano, and her father the violin. Her older sister was a child prodigy, and even today Chen's older sister and younger brother work as professional musicians in China.

Chen began studying piano at the age of three, studying the music of Western composers such as Bach and Mozart. However, once the Cultural Revolution began in 1966, Western influences were severely shunned and the arts were attacked. For ten years, education came to a halt and people were relocated to work in large communes in countryside. Chen's father and older sister were the first to be sent away, but Chen managed to hide in her hometown a while longer, and continued to practice music, but with some impediments: she was forced to stuff a blanket inside her piano in order to dampen the sound, and play her violin with a mute. At age fifteen, she could hide no more. Her house was searched, her possessions were taken, and the rest of her family was dispersed to different locations to perform compulsory labor in the countryside.

Chen used her time spent laboring in the countryside to learn and appreciate the Chinese folk culture. Her connection with Chinese music would prove a useful tool in finding her own voice for her musical compositions in later life. At age seventeen, she returned to Guangzhou and began working as concertmaster in the orchestra of the Beijing Opera Troupe in Guangzhou.

Chen lived for many years in New York City, and studied composition with Chou Wen-chung and Mario Davidovsky at Columbia University, earning a DMA with distinction. Her husband is the composer Zhou Long. As of 2006, both Chen and Zhou are professors of composition at the University of Missouri–Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance.

Alongside a great number of orchestral works, Chen has also made many contributions to the choral repertoire and the chamber music repertoire, including works written for traditional Chinese instruments.

Chen's works are published by the Theodore Presser Company.

Compositions (selected list)

  • ANCIENT BEAUTY,THE(2006) (2 mvts, 10')
    混合室内乐队曲 《青铜饕餮和陶俑之美》(笛子兼埙,二胡,琵琶,古筝和弦乐队)
    Dizi, Xun, Erhu, Pipa, Zheng & String Orchestra
  • ANCIENT DANCES (2005) (3 mvts, 18')

琵琶与打击乐二重奏《古舞》 Pipa and Percussion

  • …AS LIKE A RAGING FIRE… (2002) (10')

室内乐曲《如火如荼》(长笛,单簧管,小提琴,大提琴,钢琴) Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano.

  • ARIRANG (1994) (3').

混声合唱《阿里郎》 Mixed Chorus

  • AS IN A DREAM (1988) (7')

女高音与 小提琴,大提琴 《如梦令二首》, 女高音与琵琶,筝《如梦令二首》 Soprano, Violin, Cello Alternate version for Soprano, Pipa, Zheng


弦乐四重奏《在堪萨斯城春节联欢晚会上》 String Quartet

  • BA BAN (1999) (8')

钢琴独奏《八板》 Piano Solo

  • BA YIN (2001) (20')

萨克斯管四重奏与弦乐队协奏曲《八音》 Saxophone quartet with string orchestra

  • BALLAD, DANCE AND FANTASY (2003) (3 mvts, 27')

大提琴协奏曲《叙事曲,舞曲与幻想曲》 Cello, 3333, 4331, Hp, 3 Perc. Str.


为三位演奏者用的小曲《献给里奇的八十岁生日礼物》 钢琴四手联弹小曲《献给戴维斯的六十岁生日礼物》 《献给普里森姆萨克斯风四重奏团成立二十周年的生日礼物》 室内乐小曲《献给西雅图室乐团成立十五周年的生日礼物》 3 instruments, One Piano Four-hands, Saxophone Quartet, Chamber Ensemble

  • BRIGHT MOONLIGHT (2001) (5')

女中音与钢琴《明月光》 Mezzo-soprano, Piano

  • BURNING (2002) (4')

弦乐四重奏《烧》 String Quartet

  • CARAMOOR'S SUMMER (2003) (13')

管弦乐曲《卡拉摩尔之夏》 2(1 Picc.)-2-2-2; 2-1-1-0; Hp., 3Perc., Str.

  • CELEBRATION (2005) (5')

管弦乐序曲《庆》 2222, 2221, T 2 Perc. Str.

  • CHINA WEST SUITE (2007) (4 mvts, 10 minutes)

钢琴二重奏《中国西部组曲》(2007) Two Pianos

  • CHINESE ANCIENT DANCES (2004) (2 mvts, 8')

单簧管与钢琴二重奏《中国古代舞曲》 Clarinet, Piano.

  • CHINESE FABLES (2002) (3 mvts, 13')

室内乐曲《中国寓言故事》(二胡,琵琶,大提琴,打击乐) Erhu, Pipa, Cello, Percussion

  • CHINESE FOLK DANCE SUITE (2001) (3 mvts, 22')

小提琴与乐队协奏曲《中国民族舞组曲》 2222, 4330, 3 Perc, Violin Solo, Str.

  • CHINESE MOUNTAIN SONGS (2001) (5 songs, 10')

女声合唱《中国山歌合唱五首》 Treble Chorus

  • CHINESE MYTHS CANTATA (1996) (3 mvts, 36')

管弦乐,四件民乐与合唱《 中国神话大合唱》 2(Picc)22(Eb&Bcl)2(C) 4230 4 Perc Erhu Pipa Yangqin Zheng, Male Chorus, Str

  • CHINESE POEMS (1999) (5 mvts, 10')

童声合唱《中国古诗合唱五首》 Six Girls’ Choruses

  • DUNHUANG FANTASY (1999) (12')

管风琴与室内管乐团协奏曲《敦煌幻想曲 》 1121 1110 P, Organ

  • DUO YE (1984) (6')

钢琴独奏《多耶》 Piano Solo Alternate version for Pipa Solo

  • DUO YE for chamber orchestra (1985) (7')

室内管弦乐曲《多耶》 112(Eb)1 1000 P, Str

  • DUO YE No. 2 for full orchestra (1987) (8')

管弦乐曲《多耶第二号》 3(2 Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331 T, P(3), Str

  • ELEANOR'S GIFT (1998) (15')

大提琴与乐队协奏曲《艾莉诺之献礼》(另大提琴,钢琴,打击乐缩谱) Cello Solo, 2222, 2220, 3 Perc, Hp, Str. Pn Reduction with percussion, Score and Parts.

  • FENG (1998) (Introduction & Rondo, 10')

木管五重奏《风》 Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn

  • FIDDLE SUITE (1997) (3 mvts, 16')

胡琴协奏曲《胡琴组曲》(胡琴与弦乐四重奏,弦乐队或大乐队版本) Chinese Huqin Solo, String Quartet/Str Orch/Full Orchestra

  • FISHERMAN'S SONG (1979) (4')

小提琴与钢琴二重奏《渔歌》 Violin and Piano

  • GE XU (ANTIPHONY) (1994) (10')

管弦乐曲《歌墟》 2(Picc)2(E.H.)2(Bcl)2 4230 Hp, T, P(2), Str

  • GOLDEN FLUTE, THE (1997) (3 mvts, 18')

长笛与乐队协奏曲《金笛》(另长笛与钢琴缩谱) Flute Solo, 2222, 4230, T P(2), Str.

  • GUESSING (1989) (5')

钢琴独奏《猜调》 Piano Solo

  • HAN FIGURINES, THE (2006) (5')

室内乐曲《汉俑》( 小提琴,单簧管,萨克斯管,低音提琴,钢琴和打击乐) Violin, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Double Bass, Piano & Percussion.


室内乐曲《春夜喜雨》(长笛,单簧管,小提琴,大提琴,钢琴) Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano.

  • JI-DONG-NUO for piano solo (2005) (4')


  • JOY OF THE REUNION for oboe, viola, cello and double bass (2001) (4')


  • KC CAPRICCIO for wind ensemble & mixed choir (2000) (4')

合唱与管乐队序曲《堪萨斯城随想曲》,缩写版本: 管风琴,打击乐与混声合唱《随想曲》 2222(+b.cl) 3sax 34311 SATB 3P Alt version CAPRICCIO for Chorus, Organ & Percussion (2001)


混声合唱《花落知多少》(英语) Mixed Chorus [312-41814], $1.60


混声合唱《双星恨》 Mixed Chorus

  • LANDSCAPE (2003) (3')

混声合唱《山水》(苏东坡之「望湖楼醉书」) Mixed Chorus

  • LINEAR, THE (1994) (12')

管弦乐曲《线性艺术》 2(Picc)222 4331 Hp. T, P(4), Str

  • LOOKING AT THE SEA (2006) (4'30")

混声合唱《观沧海》(2006) Women's Choir

  • MEDITATION (1999) (two songs, 6')

女中音与钢琴《独白二首》 Mezzo-soprano and Piano

  • MOMENTUM 3(1998) (10')

管弦乐曲《动势》 333 4331 Hp. 4 Perc. Str


单璜管独奏《独白》 Clarinet Solo (Bb)

  • NEAR DISTANCE (1988) (10')

室内乐曲《遇》(长笛,单簧管,小提琴,大提琴,钢琴,打击乐) Fl(Alto Fl), Cl(Bcl), Vn, Vc, Pf, Perc

  • NIGHT THOUGHTS (2004) (8')

三重奏《静夜思》(长笛,大提琴,钢琴) Flute, Cello, Piano

  • NING (2001) (15')

三重奏《宁》 (琵琶,小提琴,大提琴) Violin, Pipa, Cello.

  • OVERTURE (1989) (13')

民族管弦乐《序曲》 Chinese Instrumental Orchestra

  • OVERTURE No.2 (1990) (15')

民族管弦乐《序曲第二号》 Chinese Instrumental Orchestra

  • PERCUSSION CONCERTO (1998) (3 mvts, 20')

《打击乐协奏曲》,另缩谱版:打击乐与钢琴,打击乐团,打击乐与弦乐四重奏 Percussion Solo, 3(1Picc)33(1Bcl)3(1D.Bsn), 4331, 3 Perc., Strings Alt.version for Percussion and Piano/Percussion Group/Perc & Str Quartet

  • PIANO CONCERTO (1992) (16')

《钢琴协奏曲》 Piano Solo, 3(3 Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331 T, P(3), Str.

  • PIPA RHYME (1993) (6')

琵琶与民乐队《琵琶韵》 Pipa and 14 Players

  • POINTS, THE (1991) (9')

琵琶独奏《点》 Pipa Solo

  • QI (1997) (10')

室内乐曲《气》(长笛,大提琴,钢琴,打击乐) Fl, Cello, Percussion, Piano

  • ROMANCE AND DANCE for String Orchestra (1998) [2 mvts, 9'].

两把小提琴与弦乐队《琴箫引与剑舞》,小提琴与钢琴二重奏《琴箫引与剑舞》 Alt.version for Violin and Piano (2001)

  • ROMANCE OF HSIAO AND CH'IN (1995) (4')

两把小提琴与弦乐队《琴箫引》,小提琴与钢琴二重奏《琴箫引》 Two Violins and String Orchestra Alt version for Cello and Piano (2001)

  • SAKURA (1994) (1')

混声合唱《樱花》 Mixed Chorus

  • SET OF CHINESE FOLK SONGS, A (1994) (10 songs, 17')

混声合唱《中国民歌合唱十首》,另童声合唱版本加弦乐队或弦乐五重奏 Unaccompanied Mixed Chorus, with optional Piano part Alt. version for Children's Chorus and Str.Orch./Quintet (25') Alternate version for Unaccompanied Male Choir (TTBB)

  • SHADY GROVE (2001) (4')

美国民歌合唱《莎迪格鲁芙》 Mixed Chorus

  • SHUO (1994) (8')

弦乐队曲《朔》 String Orchestra; Alternate version for String Quintet

  • SI JI (FOUR SEASONS) (2005) (15')

管弦乐曲《四季》 3(+Picc)3(+EH)3(+b.Cl)3(+C.Bsn) 4331 Timp 4 Perc Hp Str


钢琴独奏《唱山歌》 Piano Solo for children

  • SMALL BEIJING GONG (1993) (1')

钢琴独奏《小京锣》 Piano Solo for children

  • SONG IN WINTER (1993) (8')

室内乐曲《咏松筠》(羽管琴笛筝三重奏,钢琴四重奏,女高音钢琴筝共三版,后者易名为《东方与西方》) Harpsichord, Di, Zheng Alternate version for Flute, Zheng, Piano, Percussion Alternate version, ORIENT AND OCCIDENT, for Soprano, Zheng & Piano

  • SONG OF THE GREAT WALL arr. from a song by Liu Xue-An (1999) (5')

法国号合奏《长城颂》 Eight French Horns

  • SOUND OF THE FIVE (1998) (4 mvt, 20')

大提琴五重奏《琴箫钟鼓笙》(大提琴独奏与弦乐四重奏,另改编为打击乐独奏与弦乐四重奏) Cello Solo, String Quartet Alternate version for Perc Solo & Str Quartet

  • SPARKLE (1992) (11')

室内乐曲《烁》(长笛,单簧管,小提琴,大提琴,低音提琴,钢琴,二位打击乐) Fl(Picc.), Cl(Eb), Perc 2, Pf, Vn, Vc, Bass

  • SPRING DREAMS (1997) (5')

混声合唱《春晓》 Mixed Chorus

  • SPRING FESTIVAL (1999) (5')


  • SPRING IN DRESDEN, Concerto for Violin Orchestra (2005) (14')

小提琴与乐队协奏曲《德雷斯顿之春》 2(Picc)222, 4231, Hp, T, P(2), Violin Solo, Str

  • SPROUT (Budding / Meng) (1986) (7')

弦乐队曲《萌》 String Orchestra

  • STRING QUARTET (1982) (3 mvts, 23')

《弦乐四重奏》 Vn(2), Va, Vc

  • SUITE (1991) (3 mvts, 12')

民乐五重奏《组曲》(笛子,二胡,琵琶,大三弦,打击乐) Traditional Chinese Instrumental Ensemble

  • SUITE FOR CELLO & CHEMBER WINDS (2004) (4 mvt, 20')

《大提琴与室内管乐团组曲》(由《琴箫钟鼓笙》改编) 1111 1110 P, Cello (Adapted from SOUND OF THE FIVE)

  • SUITE FROM CHINA WEST (2007) (4 mvts, 10')

管乐队曲《中国西部组曲第二号》(2007) Wind Symphony

  • SYMPHONY No. 1 (1986) (23')

《第一交响曲》 3(Picc)2(EH)3(Bcl)2 4331 T, P(4), Str

  • SYMPHONY No. 2 (1993) (18')

《第二交响曲》 33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331 Hp, T, P(3), Str

  • SYMPHONY No. 3 (2004) (3 mvts. 23')

《第三交响曲》 33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331 Hp, T, P(3), Str

  • TANG POEMS for Male Choir (1995) (4 songs, 12')

混声合唱《唐诗合唱四首》 Male Choir / Mixed Choir

  • TANG POEMS CANTATA (1995) (4 mvts, 15')

混声合唱与乐队《唐诗大合唱》 Mixed Chorus (SATB) and Chamber Orchestra (1111 1110 Pn T, Perc. Str.)

  • THREE BAGATELLES FROM CHINA WEST (2006) (3 mvts, 10')

长笛与钢琴二重奏或双长笛二重奏或管子与笙二重奏《西南小曲三首》 Flute and Piano, or 2 Flutes, or Guanzi and Sheng

  • THREE POEMS FROM THE SONG DYNASTY (1985) (3 songs, 14')

混声合唱《宋词三首》 Mixed Chorus

  • TIBETAN TUNES (2007) (2 mvts, 10')

三重奏《藏乐二首》(小提琴,大提琴,钢琴)(2007) Violin, Cello and Piano

  • TIDE, THE (1988) (10')

民乐合奏《潮音》 Traditional Chinese Instrumental Ensemble

  • TO THE NEW MILLENNIUM (2001) (3 mvts. 10')

混声合唱《献给新世纪》 Mixed Chorus Soprano and Mezzo-soprano(2002)

  • TU (2002) (13')

管弦乐曲《荼》,管乐团曲《荼》 3(Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331 Hp, T, P(3), Str Alt. version for symphonic wind ensemble (2003) (2 Fl, 1 Picc., 2 Ob, 2 Bsn, 1 C.Bsn, 2 Cl, 1 B.Cl, 4 Sax (SATB), 4 FH, 3 Tp (Bb), 2 Trb, Baritones, 1 B.Trb, 1 Tuba , Hp, 4 Perc. D. Basses)

  • TWO CHINESE FOLK SONGS for Mixed Chorus (2003) (6')


  • A HORSEHERD'S MOUNTAIN SONG [312-41832] 《放马山歌》 单行本
  • A SINGLE BAMBOO CAN EASILY BEND [312-41833]《一根竹竿容易弯》 单行本
  • 《两组管乐与打击乐》 Picc, Bcl, 6 Hrns, 4 Trps, 4 Trbs, Tuba, T, P(6)

    • WEST LAKE, THE (2003) (5')

    混声合唱《西湖》( 苏东坡之「饮湖上初晴后雨」) Mixed Chorus

    • WOODWIND QUINTET (1987) (9')

    《木管五重奏》 Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hrn

    • WU YU (2002) (2 mvts. 14')

    室内乐曲《舞雩》 (六重奏与七重奏二版本) Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Cello, Percussion Alt. version for Fl, Ob, Cl, Vln, Vla, VC and CB

    • Viola Concerto "XIAN SHI" (1983) (14')

    中提琴与乐队协奏曲《弦诗》(另中提琴,钢琴,打击乐缩谱) Va Solo, 2(Picc)222 4320 T, P(2), Str

    • XIE ZI for 2 Di, Sheng, Liuqin, Zheng, Sanxian (1985) (5')


    • XUAN (2001) (3')

    混声合唱《玄》 Mixed Chorus

    • YANGKO (2005) (5')

    小提琴与二位打击乐《秧歌》 Violin, 2 Percussionists (Adapted from the 2nd Mvt of Chinese Folk Dance Suite)

    • YU DIAO (1985) (2')

    钢琴独奏《豫调》 Piano Solo for children


    (陈怡管弦乐作品专集之三 )动势,中国民族舞组曲,敦煌幻想曲,琴箫引和剑舞,荼(新加坡交响乐团),瑞典 Bis 唱片公司 info@bis.se, www.bis.se Momentum/Chinese Folk Dance Suite/Dunhuang Fantasy/Romance and Dance/Tu Singapore Symphony/Lan Shui, Momentum, BIS-CD-1352, released 7/2003, http://www.eclassical.com/eclassic/eclassical?&composer_id=280&page=find_by_composer_list

    (陈怡管弦乐作品专集之二 )中国神话大合唱,多耶第二号,歌墟,第二交响曲 (美国妇女爱乐交响乐团),美国 New Albion 唱片公司 Chinese Myths Cantata/Duo Ye No. 2/Ge Xu (Antiphony)/Symphony No. 2 The Women's Philharmonic, Chanticleer/JoAnn Falletta, "The Music of Chen Yi," New Albion, NA 090, 2/1/1997. http://newalbion.com/NA090/

    (陈怡室内乐作品专集《烁》)烁,如梦令二首,气,多耶, 朔,咏松筠,遇 美国New World 唱片公司重新发行于2007年2月 美国 Composers Recordings Inc. 唱片公司制作 Sparkle/As in a Dream/Qi/Duo Ye/Shuo/Song in Winter/Near Distance Music From China, New Music Consort, etc. 2/16/99, CRI eXchange CD804 Reissued on New World/CRI Recordings [NWCR804] in Feb. 07 http://www.newworldrecords.org/album.cgi?rm=view&album_id=17584 Qi for mixed quartet http://artofthestates.org/cgi-bin/search.pl?sterm=chen+yi&x=9&y=6

    《 打击乐协奏曲》(新加坡交响乐团),瑞典 Bis 唱片公司 Percussion Concerto, Oriental Landscapes, Evelyn Glennie & Singapore Symphony Orchestra, cond. Lan Shui, Label: BIS [CD-1222], 2002.

    大提琴协奏曲《艾莉诺之献礼》(美国弗几尼亚交响乐团),美国 Albany 唱片公司 Eleanor’s Gift for cello and orchestra, Paul Tobias & Virginia Symphony/JoAnn Falletta. Label: Albany, released on 4/1/04, The American Cello, Troy 648.

    长笛协奏曲《金笛》(新西兰国家交响乐团),美国 Koch International Classics 唱片公司 The Golden Flute for flute and orchestra, Alexa Still & New Zealand Symphony / James Sedares. Label: Koch International Classics, 9/21/2004, KIC 7566.

    室内管弦乐《多耶》(新加坡交响乐团),瑞典 Bis 唱片公司 Duo Ye for chamber orchestra, Singapore Symphony/Lan Shui. Label: Bis, released in Feb. 04, Dances of Our Time, CD-1192 [EAN 7318590011928]

    男声合唱《夜雨寄北》《赋得古原草送别》(美国钱蒂克利尔男声合唱团)德国Teldec唱片公司 Written on a Rainy Night, Wild Grass (from Tang Poems) (1999 Grammy Award) Vocal ensemble Chanticleer, in "Colors of Love". Teldec [3984-24570-2], 5/18/99

    男声合唱《赋得古原草送别》(美国钱蒂克利尔男声合唱团)德国 Teldec 唱片公司 Wild Grass, from Tang Poems, Chanticleer, A Portrait, Teldec, 0927-49702-2, 2003.

    钢琴独奏《八板》 (尔苏拉.欧本斯演奏) 英国 Boosey & Hawkes 出版公司 Baban for piano solo, The Carnegie Hall Millennium Piano Book, Boosey & Hawkes, by Ursula Opens on CD [ISMN M-051-246174-5].

    学生管乐队曲《庆春节》全套激光录像教程(美国明尼苏达大学管乐团演奏)美国作曲家协会制作 Spring Festival for middle school wind ensemble, CD-ROM University of Minnesota Wind Ensemble, American Composers Forum, HL04001978.

    管弦乐曲《歌墟》(英国基金会爱乐交响乐团) 英国 Atma 唱片公司 Ge Xu for orchestra, Women Write Music, Foundation Philharmonic/David Snell, ACD 22199. Label: Atma, Harmonia Mundi, 6/8/99

    管弦乐曲《多耶第二号》 (香港小交响乐团) 香港雨果 唱片公司 Duo Ye No. 2 for full orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Cond. Tsung Yeh, Label: Hugo, HongKong. June, 2000 [HRP7204-2], www.hugocd.com.

    混声合唱《中国民歌合唱》(凤阳歌,茉莉花,丢丢铜) 混声合唱《阿里郎》,《樱花》 (美国钱蒂克利尔男声合唱团)德国 Teldec 唱片公司 A Set Of Chinese Folk Songs (Fengyang Song, Jasmin Flower, Dui Dui Deng) Arirang, Sakura, "Wondrous Love, A World Folk Song Collection", Chanticleer , Teldec, 16676-2, 1997

    琵琶独奏《点》(吴蛮演奏) The Points for pipa solo 英国 Nimbus 唱片公司 Chinese Traditional & Contemporary Pipa Music/Wu Man, Nimbus NI 7043/4, 1/1/00

    琵琶独奏《多耶》(闵小芬演奏)Duo Ye for pipa solo 美国 Avant 唱片公司 Min Xiao-Fen with Six Composers, Avant AVAN 021, released: Japan, 7/1/1998

    琵琶独奏《点》(闵小芬演奏)英国 Cala 唱片公司 The Points, Min Xiaofen, pipa, Cala Records Ltd., (CACD 0504), UK, 1995. (800) 879-2252 or (518) 783-9079

    琵琶獨奏《點》(吳蠻演奏)英国 Nimbus 唱片公司 Dian (The Points), Wu Man, pipa, Nimbus Records (NI 5368), UK, 1993. PO Box 7746, Charlottesville, VA 22906-7746

    钢琴独奏《多耶》(石叔城演奏) 中国唱片公司 Duo Ye, Shi Shucheng, piano, China Record Corporation (CCD90 088), Guangzhou, 1990. Available through Chinese Books & Gallery of the Oriental Culture Enterprises Co., Inc., 13-17 Elizabeth Street, 2/F, NYC 10013. (212) 226-8461.

    女高音与弦乐《如梦令二首》(女高音陈宏宇演唱) 中国唱片公司 As In A Dream, Chen Hongyu, soprano; Vera Hsu, violin; Ted Mook, cello. China Record Corporation (CCD-94/388), Beijing, 1994.

    混声合唱《芭蕉树》(中国中央乐团合唱团)中国太平洋音像制品公司 The Palm Tree, Central Philharmonic Society Chorale/Yan Liangkun. Pacific Audio-Video Corporation (P-2318), Guangzhou, 1989.

    (陈怡管弦乐作品专集之一《 多耶 》)多耶,弦诗,第一交响曲,萌, 为两组管乐与打击乐而作的音乐 (中国中央乐团) 中国唱片公司 Duo Ye/Xian Shi /Symphony No. 1/Sprout//Two Sets Of Wind And Percussion Instruments, Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China/En Shao, Lan Shui. China Record Corporation (AL-57), Beijing, 1986.

    管弦乐曲《动势》 (台湾交响乐团) Momentum for full orchestra, 1999 Contemporary Chinese Composers Retrospective Concerts, Taiwan Symphony Orchestra/David Chen, 2000 [026189890046],

    弦乐队曲《琴箫引》(梅纽因大师纪念专辑) 英国 Angel 唱片公司 Romance of Hsiao and Ch'in for 2 violins and string orchestra, Compassion, A Tribute to Sir Yehudi Menuhin/Ulf Hoelscher & Nachum Erlich, violins, and Karlsruhe Ensemble/Andreas Weiss Cond. - 6/01, Angel [7243 5 57179 24] London,

    童声合唱《江南可采莲》,《望卢山瀑布》(美国旧金山女童合唱团) Chinese Poems: Picking the Seedpods of the Lotus, The Cataract of Mount Lu, Crossroads, San Francisco Girls Chorus / Sharon J. Paul, Cond. 11/2000, SFGC 0001,

    弦乐队曲《琴箫引》(美国圣荷西室内管弦乐团) Romance of the Hsiao and Ch’in for 2 violins and string orchestra, San Jose Chamber Orchestra / Barbara Day Turner, 12/1/97 BMS SJCO1.

    混声合唱《芭蕉树》,《赶牲灵》,《茉莉花》,《阿里山之歌》(新加坡青年合唱团) Riding on a Mule, Jasmine Flower, Alishan Song (arr. from A Set of Chinese Folk Songs), The Palm Tree (from Three Song Dynasty Poems) Asian Choral Works I, Singapore Youth Choir / Jennifer Tham, 2000, Singapore.

    混声合唱《猜调》, 《赶牲灵》,《阿里山》(上海爱乐乐团合唱团) Guessing, Riding on a Mule, Song of Alishan (arr. from A Set of Chinese Folk Songs),A Cappella Chinese Folksongs, Shanghai Philharmonic Chorus / Lim Yau, 1997, International Music Management Pte Ltd. Singapore, imusicm@vitnet.com.sg

    混声合唱《凤阳歌》,《玛依拉》(马来西亚<乘著歌声之翼> 合唱团) Feng Yang Song, Mayila (arr. from A Set of Chinese Folk Songs),On The Wings of Song, Johor Bahru Chamber Choir, 12/2000, JBCC 2000, Malaysia, www.jbcc.cc

    女高音与弦乐《如梦令二首》(女高音凯柔.迈也尔演唱)As in a Dream for soprano, violin & cello, by Continuum at the International Festival of Contemporary Music on the CD Ilkhom-XX, Selected performances of 2002, Uzbekistan, released in '03, by Carol Meyer, Renee Jolles and Kristina Reiko Cooper.

    琵琶独奏《点》(蒋婷演奏)The Spirit of Calligraphy for pipa (The Points),Jiang Ting, "Voice of the Pipa". M.A.Recordings, ASIN: B0009IB29,6/10/03,www.marecordings.com 小提琴独奏《琴箫引和剑舞》(何东演奏)Romance and Dance for vln and pn, by Ho Dong, "Resonance of the Violin III", Guangzhou, China [ISRCCN-A65-02-562-00/A-J6]

    钢琴独奏《多耶》(李帆演奏)美国 Centaur 唱片公司 Duo Ye for piano solo, performed by Li Fan in Chinese Piano Music, on Centaur, released on 7/13/3004, CRC 2652

    琵琶独奏《点》(陈一涵演奏)美国 Delos 唱片公司 The Points for pipa solo by Huaxia Contemporary Music Chinese Chamber Ensemble, Chen Yi-Han. Delos, released on 8/24/2004, Delos 3299.

    室内乐曲《气》(美国波士顿新音乐团) Qi for chamber ensemble, featured on the CD in celebration of Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble Thirty Years of Adventure (1975-2005), released in Dec. 2004, Boston, MA.

    室内乐曲《 咏松筠》(女高音饶岚演唱)德国 Cavalli 唱片公司 Orient and Occident (adapted from Song in Winter) for soprano, guzheng & piano, text by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), by Ensemble Roter Phienix ), released on Cavalli Records [LC05724] in 2004

    弦乐队曲《朔》(美国曼彻斯特音乐节乐团)美国 Eroica 唱片公司 Shuo for string orchestra, performed by Manchester Festival String Orchestra, Music of the 20th & 21st Centuries, on Eroica, April, 2005 released.

    小提琴协奏曲《中国民族舞组曲》(美国保陵格林爱乐交响乐团) 美国 Albany 唱片公司 Chinese Folk Dance Suite, included in New Music from Bowling Green Vol. IV, Bowling Green Philharmonic/ Emily Freeman Brown/ Penny Thompson Kruse (solo), released on May 1, 2005, on Albany Records, Troy 743.

    混声合唱《西湖》(美国芝加哥无伴奏合唱团)美国 Centaur 唱片公司 The West Lake, Eclectric/Chicago a cappella, on Centaur [CRC 2752], May, 05.

    钢琴独奏《八板》,《多耶》(林绚加演奏) Ba Ban and Duo Ye for piano solo ABW Classics [ABW1001] in 2005, Amy Lin Interprets Contemporary Piano Works.

    钢琴独奏《唱山歌》(塔莉亚.迈也尔演奏)英国 Usk 唱片公司 Singing in the Mountain for piano solo, by Thalia Myers, Spectrum 4 – 66 miniatures for solo piano, an international collection, Usk Recordings [USK 1227CDD], ABRSM Publishing [LC 14240], 2005.

    混声合唱《玛依拉》,《凤阳歌》(美国犹他州大学合唱团) Mayila and Fengyang Song from A Set of Chinese Folksongs, by University of Utah Singers [UUS-003] 2005.

    混声合唱《 茉莉花》(美国俄亥俄州海德堡学院合唱团) Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) from A Set of Chinese Folk Songs, by The Heidelberg College Chamber Singers, Cond. by Grant W. Cook III, Spring Tour 2006, Soundwaves Recording, Huron, OH, 2006 www.soundwaves.org.

    琵琶独奏《点》(田军琵琶独奏专辑)中国文联音像出版社 Point for pipa solo,Pipa Solo Special Collection of Tianjun, China Wenlian Recording Press [ISRC CN-A49-04-314-00/A.J6].

    琵琶独奏《点》(演奏讲解琵琶现代作品音乐会¬-青年琵琶演奏家兰维薇专辑)(VCD) 中央音乐学院欣赏系列,北京环球音像出版社,天天文化艺术有限公司 The Points for pipa solo, Lan Weiwei Contemporary Pipa Music Lecture Recital, VCD, CCOM, Beiing Universal Music Video & Audio Publishing Company, Tiantian Arts [ISRC CN-A64-02-550-00/V.J7]

    钢琴独奏《吉冬诺》(简.索洛斯演奏)美国 Capstone 唱片公司 Ji-Dong-Nuo for piano solo, performed by Jane Solose, included in her solo album Array, on Capstone Records [CPS-8766], 2006.

    女高音与弦乐《如梦令二首》(女高音朱迪思.凯洛克演唱) 美国 Albany 唱片公司 As in a Dream, two songs for soprano, violin and cello, performed by Judith Kellock, Sham Guibbory & Madeleine Shapiro in the CD East Meets West on Albany [Troy 885], 06.

    中学生管乐团曲《庆春节》(美国明尼苏达大学管乐团演奏)美国作曲家协会制作(CDR教材) Spring Festival for middle school wind ensemble, CD-ROM with score & parts University of Minnesota Wind Ensemble, American Composers Forum, HL04001978.

    二胡/京胡与钢琴二重奏《渔歌》、《琴箫引与剑舞》(许可演奏)(DVD)日本许氏艺术制作公司 Fisherman’s Song, Romance and Dance, Xu Ke (erhu), Wind and Rhythm, XUA Records [XUADV-8002], 2006.

    弦乐四重奏《在堪萨斯城的春节联欢晚会上》(应氏四重奏团演奏)美国Quartz唱片公司 At the Kansas City Chinese New Year Concert for string quartet, performed by Ying Quartet, in the CD United States: LifeMusic2, on Quartz [QTZ2055], Feb. 2007。

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