Milemarker (band)

Milemarker are an post-hardcore group originally formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. A longtime part of the Chapel Hill and Chicago underground music scenes, Milemarker have slowly gained in popularity for their eclectic stylings and unique sound, which has shifted from an experimental electronic format to heavier alternative rock in recent years. Their 2005 US tour after the release of Ominosity featured heavy drums following winding guitars and vocals alternating from contemplative and narrative to shrieking and visceral.

Milemarker often use word play and ironic lyrics in their songs. Examples include "Frigid Forms Sell You Warmth" ("there's a product line attached to every form of suicide") from 2000's Frigid Forms Sell; "A Quick Trip to the Clinic" ("died of pneumonia that I got on the walk to get my flu shot") from 2001's Anaesthetic; "From Russia With Love" ("everybody loves a good Red Scare") from 1999's Changing Caring Humans; and "Virtual Sex" ("it's not too personal to get personable with the personnel") from 2005's Ominosity. The title of the band's sixth full-length album, Satanic Versus, is itself a play on "Satanic Verses". Milemarker also often employ a satirical or introspective slant toward social issues such as materialism ("Frigid Forms Sell You Warmth", "A Quick Trip to the Clinic", "Shrink To Fit"), technology ("Internet Relay Chat with the Central Intelligence Agency", "Server Error", "Ant Architect", "Virtual Sex"), and even women's roles ("Food For Worms"), and have also referenced Orwellian ("New Lexicon") and apocalyptic ("Tundra", "Sun Out") themes.

Challenger, a more hard rock-oriented side project of Milemarker consisting of original members Al Burian and Dave Laney and newcomer Tim Remis, released their debut album Give People What They Want in Lethal Doses in 2004


Album Year Label
Ominosity 2005 Eyeball
Satanic Versus 2002 Jade Tree
Anaesthetic 2001 Jade Tree
Frigid Forms Sell 2000 Jade Tree
Changing Caring Humans 1999 Stickfigure
Non Plus Ultra 1999 Paralogy
Future Isms 1998 Stickfigure

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