Mila del Sol

Mila del Sol

Clarita Villarba Rivera (born May 12, 1923), better known as Mila del Sol, is a Filipina film actress.


Del Sol was born in Tondo, Manila. She gained fame in her very first lead role in the 1939 film Giliw Ko. She had been discovered by LVN President Doña Sisang de Leon, who insisted in casting her over the objections of the film's director, who felt she was too young for the part. It was the film's director, Carlos Vander Tolosa, who gave her the screen name "Mila del Sol".

Film production shut down during the Japanese occupation and was restored only in 1945. Del Sol returned to LVN and starred in its production of Manuel Conde's Orasang Ginto, the first post-war Filipino film. She starred in other LVN films of the 1940s, including Ibong Adarna (1949) and Villa Hermosa.

Del Sol's film career petered out in the 1950s, but she staged a comeback in 1960 with two films released that year, Pakipot and Tatlong Magdalena. The following year, she starred in an international production, Espionage Far East.


Del Sol is the sister of actresses Gloria Imperial and Guia Imperial, the aunt of the Arroyo administration Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye, the mother of actress and television host Jeanne Young, and grandmother of 2007 Rock Awards Guitarist of the Year Ira Cruz. She was romantically linked to film director and National Artist Eddie Romero.


  • 1938 -Ang maya
  • 1938 -Hatol ng mataas na langit
  • 1938 -Mariang Alimango [X'Otic]
  • 1939 -Giliw Ko (Lvn)
  • 1940 -Hali (Lvn)
  • 1940 -Prinsesa ng Kumintang [Lvn]
  • 1940 -Sawing Gantimpala [Lvn]
  • 1940 -Maginoong Takas [Lvn]
  • 1940 -Nag-iisang Sangla [Lvn]
  • 1941 -Angelita [Lvn]
  • 1941 -Hiyas ng Dagat [Lvn]
  • 1941 -Rosalinda [Lvn]
  • 1941 -Villa Hermosa [LVN]
  • 1941 -Ararong Ginto [Lvn]
  • 1941 -Ibong Adarna [Lvn]
  • 1942 -Caviteno [Lvn]
  • 1946 -Orasang Ginto [Lvn]
  • 1946 -Garrison 13 [Lvn]
  • 1946 -Alaala Kita [Lvn]
  • 1946 -Dalawang Daigdig [Lvn]
  • 1946 -Ang Prinsipeng Hindi Tumatawa [Lvn]
  • 1947 -Maling Akala [Lvn]
  • 1947 -Violeta [Lvn]
  • 1947 -Binatang Taring [Lvn]
  • 1947 -Sa Ngiti mo Lamang [Eduque]
  • 1947 -Romansa [Lvn]
  • 1947 -Sarungbanggi [Lvn]
  • 1948 -Malaya (Mutya sa Gubat) [Lvn]
  • 1949 -Hiyas ng Pamilihan [Lvn]
  • 1949 -Kuba sa Quiapo [Lvn]
  • 1949 -Lupang Pangako [Lvn]
  • 1949 -Batalyong XIII [Lvn]
  • 1949 -Don Juan Tenoso[Lvn]
  • 1950 -Nuno sa Punso [Lvn]
  • 1950 -Dayang-Dayang [Lvn]
  • 1950 -In Despair [Lvn]
  • 1951 -Reyna Elena [Lvn]
  • 1951 -Anak ng Pulubi [Lvn]
  • 1952 -Romansa sa Nayon [Lvn]
  • 1952 -Haring Solomon at Reyna Sheba [Lvn]
  • ???? -Tatlong limbas [FPP]
  • ???? -Sa ngiti mo lamang [Eduque]
  • ???? -Escapade in Japan
  • ???? -Batya't Palu-palo


  • Rawhide
  • Silent service
  • Problema mo na yan



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