Mike Leeder

Mike Leeder

Mike Leeder, who has been based in Hong Kong since 1990, is the Far Eastern Editor of Impact magazine and continues to contribute to such magazines as Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Femme Fatales, and many more covering the Asian movie scene. He was also co-writer for 100% Jackie Chan: The Essential Companion, as well as contributing to a number of books on the genre.

He has worked both in front and behind the camera on a number of films and television series in Hong Kong and Asia, and such documentaries as David Carradine:A Martial Arts Journey, Sony's The Art Of Action: Martial Arts In The Movies, as well as several projects for Discovery Channel, Channel 4 and the Bravo network. Leeder has also served as a consultant and DVD commentator for various releases for the Hong kong Legends & Premier Asia DVD labels, as well as conducting numerous interviews for their range of DVDs and those of several other companies.

Leeder has served as a consultant and producer on a number of independent features including Left For Dead, The Silencer, 10 Dead Men, Displaced, Underground and the soon to lens Fixers.

Two of his most recent projects have been Jet Li's epic Fearless directed by Ronny Yu, featuring action choreography by Yuen Woo-ping, and Brett Ratner's Rush Hour 3. Leeder served as Casting Director for Fearless as well as co-hosting the as yet unreleased accompanying documentary The Passion of Martial Arts, which covered the casting process for the film, and Jet Li's philisophy on martial arts and the story behind the movie. Leeder also played the role of Referee Randall in the movie. On Rush Hour 3 produced by New Line Cinema, Leeder served as the Asian Casting Director for the film which is due for release in the summer of 2007.

Leeder also provided additional casting for the production Blood: The Last Vampire, and served as Stunt Liaison for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.


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