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CMX is a division of Wildstorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics which in turn is owned by Time Warner. It is DC's line of manga translations.

CMX launched with the goal of providing a diverse selection of manga, and, potentially, manhwa to the U.S. market. Wildstorm, along with its parent company, DC Comics, enthusiastically supported the line. Unlike many other imprints, CMX pursued older manga along with popular new works, feeling that these stories deserved widespread distribution and a chance at an American readership. Their initial lineup included classics of the shoujo genre, such as From Eroica with Love and Swan.


One of CMX's initial launches was a title variously known as Tengo Tenge, Tenjho Tenge, and Ten Ten. The title was a strong fan favorite both in Japan and among manga readers in the States. However, when CMX released Tenjho Tenge, many fans were livid that title had been edited contentwise and changed graphically to appeal to a "larger demographic"—in other words, edited to be acceptable to bookstores without shrinkwrap. Tenjho Tenge and CMX received a heavy amount of angry backlash for the edits.

CMX's announcement that all changes had been overseen and specifically approved by Oh! Great, the mangaka, did nothing to appease the vocal fans, who felt that changing the art removed a major plot point. Although other fans felt that not explicitly showing sexual violence did not actually harm the flow of the story, the fan community was in uproar. Some readers went so far as to suggest a boycott of all CMX titles.

As of January 2008, CMX continues to publish Tenjho Tenge with edited art, though new volumes will be rated mature with fewer edits than before.

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