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Microearth Records is an independent record label founded in the fall of 1999 in Winston-Salem, NC. Microearth is a registered service mark of Microearth, LLC. Its original catalog comprised a re-release of North Carolina based Rompecabeza's 1997 "Ball Peen Companion" and Boston based Bitter Honey's 1998 "Chipwich Rolling EP". Microearth, LLC was incorporated in the state of Wyoming in 2002 by Morgan Kraft and Kris Harris. Recording studios were built in Lawrence, KS (Microearth Cornfed) and Easthampton, MA (King Chicken). A compilation titled "Best Music Ever" was released in 2002, and included such artists as Cyclub,Mobius Band and The Particles. 2002 also produced an album by Cyclub "Cyclub Cyclub" co-released with Prescription Rails. In 2003 Josh Crane's "Barebones" was released to critical acclaim, produced and recorded by Kris Harris at Microearth Cornfed. In 2004 the King Chicken studio was moved to downtown Marshall, NC. 2005 saw the release of two albums, The Enrichment Center Percussion Ensemble "Three Pieces" and Morgan Kraft's self-titled EP. Kraft's "Don't Fade Away" was released in November 2006. Kris Harris resigned as an operations member of the LLC in 2006 and Morgan Kraft became the sole member/owner of Microearth, LLC. Kris Harris, Aaron Bachelder, Morgan Kraft, Lex Samu and Madison Rast publish their original music with Micorearth which is a publisher registered with the American Society of Composer and Publishers (ASCAP). In 2007 the label released a self-titled EP by the Kraft Quartet and was awarded a service mark by the United States Trademark Office. In 2008 several albums were released including the ECPE "Ten Songs", Lex Samu and Madison Rast "Alpaca Dance" and the Kraft Quartet "Nervous Boogie".



  • Spiderbaby "How To Jump From A Car To A Motorcycle" 2001
  • The Particles "The Man Who Makes No Sense" 2002
  • Cyclub "Don't Panic" 2002
  • Freddy and the Landlords "Pay The Rent" 2002
  • The Days of Perky Pat "Ice the Ape, Boys . . ." 2002
  • Morgan Kraft "Peggy Sue Ain't Got Nothing On You" 2003
  • Morgan Kraft "EP" 2005

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