Metal Lungies

The Pretty Toney Album

The Pretty Toney Album is the fourth solo album by American hip hop artist Ghostface Killah, a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

It is the only album from the artist to be released solely under the title of "Ghostface" ("Killah" is entirely omitted in any reference to his name on the packaging); however, it is otherwise a normal Ghostface Killah release in line with the rest of his catalogue.


Spin (p.63) - Ranked #39 in Spin's "40 Best Albums of the Year" -

Mojo (p.116) - 4 stars out of 5 - "Ghost reigns supreme, deliberately avoiding anything that could be considered mainstream."

Pitchfork Media - Ranked #37 released between 2000-2004.

Shortlist Music Prize - Nominated

Track listing

  1. "Intro"
    • Producer: Emile
    • Sample: "Tobacco Road" By Tommy Youngblood
  2. "Biscuits"
    • First Verse & Chorus: Ghostface Killah
    • Second Verse: Trife
    • Producer: True Master
    • Sample: "I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down" By Sam & Dave
  3. "Kunta Fly Shit"
  4. "Beat The Clock"
    • Producer: Minnesota
    • Sample: "Since I Fell For You" By Laura Lee
  5. "Metal Lungies"
    • First verse & chorus: Ghostface Killah
    • Second verse: Sheek Louch
    • Third verse: Styles P
    • Producer: No I.D.
    • Sample:"Nobody Knows" By Operation Breadbasket Orchestra and Choir
  6. "Bathtub" (skit)
    • Sample: "Not On The Outside" By The Moments
  7. "Save Me Dear"
    • Producer: Ghostface Killah
    • Sample: "(You)Got What I Need" By Freddie Scott
  8. "It's Over"
    • Producer: K. Def
    • Sample: "I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over" By Hebert Magidson
  9. "Keisha's House"
  10. "Tush"
    • Featuring: Missy Elliott
    • Producer: D. Trotman & Dub Dot Z
    • Sample: "Naked Truth" By The Best of Both Worlds
  11. "Last Night" (skit)
    • Sample: "Last Night Changed It All" by Esther Phillips
  12. "Holla"
    • Chorus: Allah Real
    • Producer: Ghostface Killah
    • Sample: "La La(Means I Love You)" By The Delfonics
  13. "Ghostface"
    • Producer: Digga
    • Sample: "AJ Scratch" By K. Walker
  14. "Be This Way"
    • Producer: Nottz
    • Sample: "(We'll Always Be) Together" By Billy Stewart
  15. "The Letter" Skit
    • Sample: "Jackie" By Silvia Robinson
  16. "Tooken Back"
    • First & Third Verse: Ghostface Killah
    • Second Verse: Jacki-O
    • Producer: Nottz
    • Sample: "Take Me Back" By The Emotions
  17. "Run"
  18. "Love"
    • Featuring: Musiq & K.Fox
    • Producer: No I.D.
    • Sample: "Statue Of A Fool" By David Ruffin

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