Mescalero Indian Reservation

List of Indian reservations in the United States

This is a list of Indian reservations and other tribal homelands in the United States. In Canada, the Indian reserve is a similar institution.


Most of the tribal land base in the United States were set aside by the Federal government as an Indian Reservation. In California, about half of its reservations are called Rancherias. In New Mexico, most reservations are called Pueblos. In some western states, notably Nevada, there are Native American areas called Indian Colonies.









  • Blue Point
  • Burro Springs
  • East Dinnebito
  • Five Houses
  • Hardock
  • Hopi-Winslow
  • Moenkopi Administrative Area
  • Moenkopi
  • North Oraibi
  • Polacca Wash
  • RU251
  • RU252
  • RU253
  • RU254

  • RU255
  • RU256
  • RU257
  • RU258
  • RU259
  • RU260
  • RU261
  • RU262
  • RU263
  • RU351
  • RU451
  • RU551
  • RU552
  • RU553

  • RU554
  • RU555
  • RU556
  • RU557
  • RU558
  • RU559
  • RU560
  • RU561
  • RU562
  • RU563
  • RU564
  • RU565
  • RU566
  • RU567

  • RU568
  • RU569
  • RU570
  • RU571
  • RU572
  • RU573
  • Shongopovi
  • Shonto
  • South Oraibi
  • Talahogan
  • Toreva
  • Tovar Mesa
  • Upper Polacca
  • West Dinnebito







  • Alamo Indian Reservation
  • Aneth Chapter
  • Baca Chapter
  • Becenti Chapter
  • Beclabito Chapter
  • Bird Springs Chapter
  • Black Mesa Chapter
  • Bodaway Chapter
  • Bread Springs Chapter
  • Burnham Chapter
  • Cameron Chapter
  • Canoncito Indian Reservation: see Tohajiilee Indian Reservation
  • Casamero Lake Chapter
  • Chi Chil Tah Chapter
  • Chilchinbeto Chapter
  • Chinle Chapter
  • Church Rock Chapter
  • Coalmine Mesa Chapter
  • Coppermine Chapter
  • Cornfields Chapter
  • Counselor Chapter
  • Coyote Canyon Chapter
  • Crownpoint Chapter
  • Crystal Chapter
  • Dennehotso Chapter
  • Dilcon Chapter
  • Forest Lake Chapter

  • Fort Defiance Chapter
  • Fruitland Chapter
  • Ganado Chapter
  • Greasewood Chapter
  • Hard Rock Chapter
  • Hogback Chapter
  • Houck Chapter
  • Huerfano Chapter
  • Indian Wells Chapter
  • Inscription House Chapter
  • Iyanbito Chapter
  • Jeddito Chapter
  • Kaibeto Chapter
  • Kayenta Chapter
  • Kinlichee Chapter
  • Klagetoh Chapter
  • Lake Valley Chapter
  • Lechee Chapter
  • Leupp Chapter
  • Littlewater Chapter
  • Low Mountain Chapter
  • Lukachukai Chapter
  • Lupton Chapter
  • Manuelito Chapter
  • Many Farms Chapter
  • Mariano Lake Chapter
  • Mexican Springs Chapter

  • Mexican Water Chapter
  • Nageezi Chapter
  • Nahatadziil Chapter
  • Nahodishgish Chapter
  • Naschitti Chapter
  • Navajo Mountain Chapter
  • Nazlini Chapter
  • Nenahnezad Chapter
  • Oak Springs Chapter
  • Ojo Encino Chapter
  • Oljato Chapter
  • Pinedale Chapter
  • Pinon Chapter
  • Pueblo Pintado Chapter
  • Ramah Indian Reservation
  • Red Lake Chapter
  • Red Mesa Chapter
  • Red Rock Chapter
  • Red Valley Chapter
  • Rock Point Chapter
  • Rock Springs Chapter
  • Rough Rock Chapter
  • Round Rock Chapter
  • St. Michaels Chapter
  • San Juan Paiute Indian Reservation
  • Sanostee Chapter
  • Sawmill Chapter

  • Sheep Springs Chapter
  • Shiprock Chapter
  • Shonto Chapter
  • Smith Lake Chapter
  • Standing Rock Chapter
  • Steamboat Chapter
  • Sweetwater Chapter
  • Tachee Chapter
  • Teec Nos Pos Chapter
  • Teesto Chapter
  • Thoreau Chapter
  • Tohajiilee Indian Reservation
  • Tohatchi Chapter
  • Tolani Lake Chapter
  • Tonalea Chapter
  • Torreon Chapter
  • Tsaile-Wheatfields Chapter
  • Tsayatoh Chapter
  • Tselani Chapter
  • Tuba City Chapter
  • Twin Lakes Chapter
  • Two Grey Hills Chapter
  • Whippoorwill Chapter
  • White Cone Chapter
  • White Horse Lake Chapter
  • White Rock Chapter
  • Wide Ruins Chapter
  • Nez Perce Indian Reservation
  • Nisqually Indian Reservation
  • Nooksack Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land
  • Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land
  • North Fork Rancheria
  • Northwestern Shoshoni Indian Reservation
  • O












    Joint Use Areas

    Oklahoma Tribal Statistical Areas

    Oklahoma Tribal Statistical Area is a statistical entity identified and delineated by federally recognized American Indian tribes in Oklahoma that formerly had a reservation but do not now have a reservation in that state. Often, an OTSA will be that of the former Indian Reservation in Oklahoma.

    Joint Use Areas

    Hawaiian Homelands

    Alaska Native Village Statistical Areas

    Alaska Natives previously had many small reserves scattered around Alaska; however, all but one (the Annette Island Reserve of Tsimshian) were repealed with the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act in 1971.

    Alaska Native Regional Corporations

    As part of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act in 1971, thirteen Alaska Native Regional Corporations were established, of which twelve have land-based authorities, while a thirteenth, known as the The 13th Regional Corporation, do not. The twelve land-based Regional Corporations are:

    Tribal Desiginated Statistical Areas

    Tribal Desiginated Statistical Area is statistical entity identified and delineated for the Census Bureau by a Federally recognized American Indian tribe that does not currently have a Federally established Indian Reservation.

    State Desiginated American Indian Reservation

    State Desiginated American Indian Reservation is the land based for the State recognized American Indian tribe who is not a Federally recognized tribe.

    State Desiginated American Indian Statistical Areas

    State Desiginated American Indian Statistical Area is statistical entity identified and delineated for the Census Bureau by a State recognized American Indian tribe that does not currently have either a State or Federally established Indian Reservation.

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