Mentzelia pumila

Mentzelia pumila

Mentzelia pumila, (Dwarf mentzelia, Desert Blazing Star, Blazing Star, Bullet Stickleaf, Yellow mentzelia, Evening star, Moonflower, etc.) is a biennial wildflower found in the western United States and northern Mexico from Montana and North Dakota, south to Sonora and Chihuahua. It is a blazingstar and is a member of the Mentzelia genus, the stickleafs; member species are also called "evening stars", but some stickleafs close at sunset, as does M. pumila.

Leaves of Desert Blazing Star are long, very narrow, and serrated-pinnate-like; also medium to light grayish green; an individual plant in an opportune site can be 1.5- in height. The flowers are a bright, glossy medium yellow, and the major petals are variable, sometimes 5 major, 5 minor; also 4 and 4.


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