Melicertus is a genus of Australian "king" prawns, comprising the eastern king prawn Melicertus pebejus, the red spot king prawn Melicertus longistylus and the blue-leg or western king prawn Melicertus latisulcatus. These three prawn species are heavily targeted by demersal otter and beam trawlers working waters from 3 to 220 m deep.

The eastern king prawn is distributed along the east Australian coast from northern Tasmania to the Swains Reefs in Queensland, and is caught by demersal otter and beam trawling throughout its range.

The blue-leg king prawn is distributed from Adelaide in South Australia around the west and north coasts to about Brisbane in Queensland. The blue-leg king prawn is also the basis of a lucrative fishery in the Spencer Gulf, South Australia. Otter trawlers working this area can only trawl for 12 weeks of the year, but the average night's catch is around 700 kg.

The red spot king prawn is found on the east coast of Australia around reefs from Gladstone, Queensland north. This prawn is rarely found more than 30 km from a coral reef system.

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