Melgar de Fernamental, Burgos

Melgar de Fernamental

Melgar de Fernamental is a municipality lying by the Pisuerga river, located in the province of Burgos, Castile and León, Spain. According to the 2007 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 1,889 inhabitants.


By the time of Roman Empire, the ancient city of Dessobriga was placed between the municipalities of Melgar de Fernamental, Osorno La Mayor and Ososrnillo, being its land Melgarese ground today. However, through this area passed multiple roman roadways. Among them, the most important was the Hispania-Italica, which passed through cities such as Caesaraugusta, Segisamone and Asturicaugusta. The Saldania Roadway started by the river Pisuerga, opposite the town. The Pisuerga Roadway connected the actual municipalities of Herrera de Pisuerga and Astudillo, passing on the fertile plain of the river at the foot of Melgar.

Photographic Video Artwork

The 24th November, 2007, a melgarese neighbour created a photographic video artwork about the town which was very appreciated by both inhabitants of Melgar and visitors. It is a summary of marvellous hidden corners, fiestas, meeting places, hermitages, people, surroundings, landscapes and much more. You can see it by clicking here


Monuments and places of interest:

  • Assumption of Our Lady Church
  • Town Hall
  • Cordon House
  • Palazuelos House
  • Our Lady of Zorita Hermitage
  • Channel of Castile, known as Canal de Castilla


Melgar de Fernamental, Domingo Ortega Gutiérrez, Simancas Ediciones, S.A. Legal deposit VA-500-94 (1994, Valladolid, Spain). Copyright Melgar de Fernamental Council.

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