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List of cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach

This is a list of cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach in order of BWV number as given in Wolfgang Schmieder's catalogue of Bach's works. They are not in chronological order (the earliest extant cantata by Bach, for example, is believed to be either Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich, BWV 150, or Aus der Tiefe rufe ich, Herr, zu dir, BWV 131). Also, since Schmieder made his original listing, several of the works have been discovered to be by composers other than J. S. Bach.

The term "cantata" was not used widely by Bach; it seems to have chiefly been applied to his secular cantatas. Bach's manuscript scores typically have only the liturgical date as a heading; if the piece does have a designation, "concerto" seems to be the most common. The term "cantata" to refer to these pieces came into wider use after the publication of the Bach Gesellschaft edition of his works.

Alternate numbering of Bach's cantatas

Philippe (and Gérard) Zwang attempted a chronological numbering of both the church cantatas and the secular cantatas (BWV 1-215 + 248-249), see: (see also BWV#Chronological).

This list was published in 1982 as Guide pratique des cantates de Bach in Paris, ISBN 2-221-00749-2

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