Meinhard III of Gorizia-Tyrol

Meinhard I of Gorizia-Tyrol

Meinhard I (born c. 1200 or 1205, died in January/February of 1258), was Count of Gorizia and Tyrol.

He was also father of Meinhard II of Gorizia-Tyrol and Albert I of Gorizia.

He came in control over his family's Gorizian possessions in 1232, but as a fief of his father-in-law Albert III of Tyrol. Between 1248 and 1250, he operated as the imperial governor of Styria and Carniola, from 1250 onwards also in Austria. In 1252, he was forced to take certain possessions in Lienz as fiefs from Philipp, Archbishop of Salzburg, in the Treaty of Lieserhofen and to give his sons to him as hostages. After the death of Albert III, Meinhard, and his brother-in-law, Gebhard of Hirschberg, split Tyrol, of which Meinhard took the southern part.

Preceded by:
Albert III
Count of Tyrol Succeeded by:
Meinhard II
Preceded by:
Count of Gorizia

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